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Thoughts on Savona (and others)

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What are your thoughts on Savona (in Gulph Mills)? How are the food, wine list, and ambiance? And how does it specifically compare to Le Bec-Fin/Fountain/Lacroix? Do they actually do wine pairings with any of the course your order or is that service only provided in the context of the tasting menu?

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  1. Savona is a fantastic restaurant experience...not to be missed. Food is amazing and service is world class. Much less stuffy than Le Bec/LaCroix. They will do wine pairing with anything on the menu; the wine list is formidable --- ask Filiberto (sommelier) for assistance, he is a consummate professional and will never give you anything but unparalleled wine advice.

    1. I can't say enough about Savona -- it is really fantastic. Every time my husband and I have gone the food has been incredible, the service impeccable, the atmosphere elegant and lovely without being pretentious (I'll second pazos -- not as stuffy as Le Bec Fin or Lacroix). Extensive wine list, very helpful and pleasant sommelier. The mind-blowing food deserves its own post! I have heard only excellent reviews from the people we know who have dined there and from personal experience, it's incredible every time.

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