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sea - maneki, ozen menu chicken?

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We went to Maneki the other night and my son loved the chicken in the ozen menu but I can't remember the name of it... it wasn't teriyaki though...does anyone know off the top of their head? I'd love to look up a recipe for it.
Thank you!

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  1. Can you describe the prep method? Was it fried, grilled, or braised?

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      It seems like it was lightly coated in rice flour, had a soy/sake flavor and it wasn't really fried, but probably pan fried/"sauteed"... sorry - I didn't eat too much of it!

      1. re: thevioletpear

        That sounds like it could be karaage chicken. Check out this video and tell us if this is it:


        1. re: kirkj

          I thought maybe that was it, but it wasn't deep fried and the coating wasn't really noticeable or crunchy, and it was covered in sauce. Also I did look at the menu to see if the name of that chicken was elsewhere on the menu and it wasn't. And now I can't remember the name of course.

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            I thought it might be too, but it's not. The chicken wasn't crunchy and was covered in sauce - I also had looked on their menu and didn't find that name anywhere else...

              1. re: barleywino

                nope - it wasn't sweet and sour - just a soy/sake flavor, althought that seems closer in preparation - I think I'll try something like that! thanks barleywino.

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                  No, it wasn't sweet/sour, just a soy/sake flavor...although that is more similar in preparation, I think I'll attempt something like that. Thanks barleywino!

            1. re: thevioletpear

              sounds like their karaage to me. i love maneki & the chicken!