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Jun 3, 2008 04:44 AM

Chip Shop [Split from Manhattan board]

I just went to Chip Shop on 5th Ave in park Slope, Bklyn, and was sooo excited that i was finally going! well, it was so-so. the Fish itself was really fresh and moist ; and the batter crisp. The fries were a little disappointing: a little soggy, but maybe that's because of the fish sitting on top covering the fries? And i tried a kid portion of the bangers and mash, hoping to relive my first ever super-yum "bangers & Mash" i had in Bathe, England. It was a disappointment. The sausage was dry; the mash didn't have enough cream or butter, and it had this super thick onion gravy on top which didn't help too much. Overall, good for the fish +/- chips; maybe jus tstick with that.

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