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Jun 3, 2008 11:20 AM


Hey Fam...I have a co-worker who lives in Alexandria, right near 395. I wanted to find out from you all, what is the best Indian restaurant in Alexandria? Thanks!!!

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  1. oooh...that one's easy - Bombay Curry Company - 3110 Mt. Vernon Ave. Chef Bhasin makes the best damn tandoori chicken wings in the land.

    Other suggestions: butter chicken, chicken korma, bhel puri, (a mix of puffed rice, noodles, diced onion & chopped cilantro mixed with sweet & spicy tamarind chutney) shammi kabab (small griddled patties of almost-pureed ground beef and yellow lentils), chicken Kadai (chunks of chicken stir fried in a kadai - a heavy wok - with chilles, cilantro seeds, ginger and garlic and then finished in a thick tomato sauce with fresh cilantro and dried fenugreek leaves. Yeah. And my favorite: pathar kabab- a pounded lamb cutlet that is first marinated and then flash grilled.

    Hmmm....this may be gateway cuisine that caused my current Sichuan addiction. ;)

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      strange that this came up. Bombay is by far my favorite, great flavors, short menu but with some unusual selections as the poster above noted. Their fish curry in a creamy sauce with coconut and curry leaves is amazing. I have encountered some great cooking on the sunday lunch buffet.
      In a recent conversation with Bhasin, he said that he wanted to change the menu a bit but diners do not want him to drop anything and he does not want to have a super lenghthy menu, so he is soon going to start running a special of the month. I am looking forward to that.

    2. Yeah, I'll admit that the Bombay Curry Company is quite excellent. I'll probably give it the highest score in terms of sheer tastiness. However, Dishes of India is also excellent and may be a tad more authentic based on my travels in India. All in all, Bombay is the best for a casual meal but Dishes of India works better for me when I want to go a little upscale (although the actual prices are pretty close).

      Of course, Samrat gets an honorable mention for their daily buffets which are always worth a stop if you are in the neighborhood.

      Actually, this is one area when you won't regret doing your own research as they are all quite worthwhile with their unique charms!

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        There is also the Raaga at Bailys Crossroads and Aroma in Shirlington ( though not exactly in Alexandria it is a decent option )

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          we live in arlington, so raaga is our fave indian. tandoori lamb chops are extra-tasty! i get the chicken kabob sampler, plus lamb boti kabob. oh yum! good, different lunch buffet each day.