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Jun 3, 2008 11:09 AM

Eureka--making creamy mashed potatoes ahead of time

I usually cook the potatoes for mashed potatoes in my rice cooker and they're perfect. I keep them warm in there until I'm ready to serve and then mash. But, I didn't know how to make mashed potatoes ahead of time and keep them creamy and warm until serving time. Last night, I made them in the rice cooker, added a tiny bit more water to the sides, and turned it on. The residual steam kept the mashed potatoes creamy and hot for close to two hours. Perfect. This would only work, though, if you have the old fashioned rice cooker like I have where you add water to the sides. I don't know how it would work with the new fuzzy logic ones. This will make prepping for Thanksgiving so much easier.

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  1. We've also used our crockpot on low to keep mashed potatoes warm for holidays. We start them out just barely wetter than usual and they're perfect by the time dinner is ready.

    1. I like your idea and this isn't really in response, as I have fallen in love with my own solution to this eternal challenge. I cheat and mash my potatoes with cream cheese and sour cream and freeze them in their serving dish. The on the eve of the big dinner, I refrigerate unitl nearly thawed and just nuke them the rest of the way. (If they seem a little pale and I am putting out in the casserole, I just whip them under the broiler to brown slightly). I get a lot of requests for this 'recipe'.

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        I do the same exact thing as you, LJS. And I too get requests for this recipe every time I serve it. I actually add either garlic powder or onion podwer as well. And people who claim they dislike cream cheese and/or sour cream love this recipe as well.

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          I like the sound of those additions...the 'original' called for a topping of reggiano parmagiana (which I always thought a bit pretentious for a recipe that used Phildephia Cream Cheese), but it also makes a nice touch...I should also mention that this dish can be reheated successfully again in the microwave as long as you stir it all up before serving (and IF you have any left...)

      2. Have never tried stretching it to two hours but they keep quite a while in the top of a covered double boiler.