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Jun 3, 2008 10:46 AM

Looking for good sushi in Mississauga


I am looking for good sushi recommendations in the Mississauga area. I am particularly interested in good take out as my family does not share my love of good sushi!

Any suggestions?

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  1. The overall consensus seems to be Kumai for good sushi in Mississauga.

    1. Remember that this is Mississauga...

      That said, we really like Orange Fish on Lorne Park Road (in a totally non-descript strip plaza) just noth of Lakeshore
      The fish is always very fresh and good sized portions. They also do tast rolls
      They even have butter fish!! (my own personal favourite)

      1. Thanks for the suggestions!

        I don't live far from Lorne Park (and I think I know the plaza you are describing) so I will have to give it a try!

        I will try Kumai as well, but it is not very close.


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        1. re: donelikedinner

          It;s in the same strip plaza as 'Cudas/Barracuda on the east side of Lorne Park Rd, south of the rail track
          (yep, been there a few times...)

        2. Kumai has awesome fish. I've had some really great sashimi at Hinote as well.

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          1. re: mogo

            I agree with Orange Sushi - quite good. There is also a restaurant - Momiji - in a plaza on the north side of Lakeshore just west of Clarkson road not bad and (believe it really) Dodai Sushi/Holiday Gardens on Lakeshore just west of Hiawatha actually has really nice sushi.

            1. re: mogo

              agree with mogo ^^
              i had a nice dinner there... service was a bit slow (as some people have mentioned in other threads as well), but it wasn't a problem for me.