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Emergency - Need Good Filipino Restaurant

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Hey. Me again with another request. Mom's in town tonight, and Filipino would be great. But where is there great Filipino in Toronto?

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  1. "Great'? Whereabouts are you? There's a couple of places in Scarboro. Cheap, family-style sorta spots. Not really special occasion.

    Casa Manilla
    879 York Mills Rd. (at Don Mills) 416-443-9654


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      Family style is fine. Driving anywhere is fine (well, maybe except out to the 905) coming from downtown Toronto.

    2. I've heard good things about Mayette’s Fine Foods, but haven't been myself.

      If you want a Filipino provisioner so you can enjoy a meal at home, I have been to and would recommend FV Foods on Warden about 2 blocks south of Eglinton.

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        Never been (but have been meaning to go), but I have heard many good things about Jesse Jr. Even a Star article on them: