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Jun 3, 2008 10:09 AM

Moroccan or Middle Eastern Food in Winnipeg?

I am going home for a visit to The Peg, and was wondering if anyone knew of any Moroccan or Middle Eastern Food restaurants in Winnipeg, Manitoba? Other Than the Ethiopian ones listed.

It has been too long since I have been home after travelling the world, and after perusing some of the eatery listings for winnipeg and the area notices many East Indian to Asian Restos as well as Greek to North American Hamburgers, but nothing mentioned in between.

Is it because of politics or are there just nothing of that culture flavor there?

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  1. Baraka Pita Bakery on North Main. I believe the owners and the food are Lebanese. I particularly like the baked pitas myself and my husband likes the donairs. They have what appears to be a wood burning oven and meat on spits. There's usually a line, so don't be in a rush. It's not fancy, but it's pleasant. I highly recommend it.

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      Thanks, I will look into it when I get home!

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        Although the selection is very very limited, some of the Junior's places are owned by a Palestinean family. Their falafel and schwarma are quite good--particular the branch in St. Vital (near Glenlawn Collegiate).

        There's also a place on Ellice (600 block) that got a good review from Warhaft, but my mother went there and said it was awful. Not only was the service bad (she stood around for 5 or 10 minutes before anyone even came out to greet her), but the shwarma was hard and dry. It could have been an off-day, though.

        Too bad you missed the one Moroccan place Winnipeg has ever seen. I think it closed within a year (maybe two) of opening. Winnipegers just weren't ready for Moroccan, I guess.

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          Too bad,
          I had an apricot & Almond glazed chicken at a restaurant in Savanah, GA that was fabulous!

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            To be fair, though, that Moroccan place was way out on St. Mary's or St. Anne's, and maybe Winnipeggers are ready for Moroccan, they're just not ready to spend half a tank of gas getting to Moroccan. Just like La Fiesta...I doubt I'll be going there much now that it's out of the West End and out on the dog end of St. Vital. I still haven't been to Lulu's. There's that restaurant in Carmen that's supposed to be so good...but honestly, with gas prices today, it's just really hard to justify a long trek solely for food. I'm trying to talk the guys at Baraka into opening a store in the West End, because I feel guily going to North Main. That's my rant for the

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          As a former Garden City boy who recently moved to B.C., I will agree that Baraka is fantastic (and Lebanese). I was just back in town about a month ago and it's become a must stop for me. I love their falafel, fresh pita, and their roasted red pepper hummus!

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            Baraka is very good - I love their hummus and fresh pitas and I go there all the time since I only work a couple of blocks away.
            However, I have to stick up for Shawarma TIme - the place on Ellice mentioned above. The service at Shawarma Time is a little more intense (in a good way) than Baraka - the owner's kids are hanging around and there are goofy pictues of the family eating the food on the outside of the restaurant. They are a bit more hit and miss... when they're good, they're really amazing, but I too have had one shwarma that was hard and dry. I haven't been there in a while, but I wouldn't rule them out.

        3. There is Marakesh Gourmet on St Annes Rd. 628 St annes rd

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            Ooooohh!! Are the owners the same ones who had the Moroccan restaurant on St. Mary's? I always wondered what happened to them.

            thanks for the info!

            eta: According to the internet, Marakesh Gourmet is closed--closed quite awhile ago.

            Also, to add, Best Pizza & Donair on Pembina is very good. The owners are Kurdish but are from Lebanon. Different flavour profile from other places in Winnipeg. This has become my preferred place for schwarma, as the chicken, for example, actually has flavour (I find with Baraka's schwarma, all the flavour comes from the sauce while the meat itself is flavourless). The sauce here is really really garlicky, though. I limit my eating to weekends when I don't have to worry about getting garlic sweats at work!