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Jun 3, 2008 09:59 AM

Pizzeria Mozza - Perceptor's Report

it has been many many months since my last visit to pizzeria mozza.... i was definitely craving the food there... got a 6:00pm reservation on a thursday and we were seated right on time... had another fantastic meal at Mozza... i tried few new things that i've never had there.... their fire roasted corn is freakin awesome... their bone marrow is as good as it gets in terms of bone marrow in LA (alot better than comme ca's version)... and i was pleasantly surprised on how good their meatball is...

Here is my photo report.. enjoy!

- Perceptor

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  1. Beautiful, as usual. Thanks Perceptor.

    1. You are evil showing us all of that delicious food!!! I may have to give this place a try. Do they have eggplant parmesean?

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      1. re: JEN10

        Jen10... no eggplant parm there..

      2. Hey Perceptor,

        Beautiful pix! (^_^) Love your report as usual.

        Now you got me craving Pizzeria Mozza again, darn it!

        1. Yum! I wish I felt better about the prices..the food is soooo good.

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          1. re: Diana

            It's all about the value here. The food is worth every dime.

            1. re: ElissaInPlaya

              We've had THIS argument before, and will have to agree to disagree. Mozza's food is good, but IMHO is STILL not worth the price they charge for a whole meal, tax, tip and corkage/in house wine prices.

              That's just how I feel and always will. I'm not totally alone in that.

              1. re: ElissaInPlaya

                I agree, it's a great value.
                I'm surprised there has been no mention of the mussels with calabria (?) sauce. Absolutely delicious!

                1. re: whatsfordinner

                  again, agree to disagree. I have a hard time calling a $50 or more tab for a small pizza, a few apps a glass of wine and a tiny dessert, a "great value", no matter what I'm being served. Not in these economic times, not ever.

                  1. re: whatsfordinner

                    Went to Mozza on Saturday afternoon. Called on Thursday for a res and was given the choice of 3:45 or 11:45 p.m. We opted for the mid afternoon timeslot.
                    The place was packed and the guy at the front desk seemed totally stressed out. We arrived at exactly 3:45 and waited a few minutes before being seated.
                    My wife freaked at the price for a glass of wine and when she asked the waiter a question about a particular wine he seemed to feel the need to educate the bumpkins on wine selection in general. I could feel my wife growing more irate by the second as she knows her wines pretty well. I was amused by the exchange but then it was my turn. I’m into beers and I don’t like wine so I asked what beers they had (since they didn’t have a printed list) and the waiter told me they had Moretti on tap and a selection of California microbrews. He immediately tried to push the Moretti, which I’m not a fan of, and trying to find out what else they had was like pulling teeth. As it turned out everything other than the Moretti was in 750 ml bottles and since I was the designated driver I told him I would stick with water. Then he said they might have 12 oz. bottles of Stone Pale Ale. O.K., fine, bring the Stone.
                    For apps I had Mussels al forno with Calabrian sauce and my wife had the chopped salad. I don’t know what Calabrian sauce is and when I asked the waiter he said it was a chilli- based aioli. I’m not sure if he was making that up or what but I liked it a lot and that sauce was the first thing I remembered the next day. My wife found the salad too bitter. As an IPA lover I have a high tolerance for bitterness so I took a bite and liked it but I could see how some people might find it a little overwhelming.
                    There seems to be a big debate over whether these pizzas are actually pizza. For thousands of years people have been putting toppings on baked dough and I think you can pretty much call any of it pizza, unless you happen to be in Naples and have the pizza regulation police breathing down your neck. It seems to me most of the members of the American definition police force come from N.Y.C. and the New Yorkers are obsessively paranoid about anyone preferring another style of pizza over N.Y. style. Whatever, Hollywood isn’t in N.Y. and I could care less what the New Yorkers think.
                    That being said, I think the Mozza pizza is a pretty conservative version of pizza. I’ve definitely had more outside-the-box versions of pizza.
                    The people at the table next to us left all their crust on the plates and I viewed that as a bad sign. My expectations were not that high going in and that lowered them even more, so I was surprised by how impressed I was with the crust. Nice and charred so it wasn’t soft-n-chewy but not so crunchy that broke apart like a cracker. A perfect balance in my view. I asked the waiter what they had for an oven and he said it was a clay, wood burning oven that they imported from Italy. I don’t know why they couldn’t get that here but it definitely baked the dough nicely. I had the Finghi Misti and my wife had the Prosciutto and we both enjoyed our pizzas very much. We didn’t leave anything on our plates but we did take a couple of slices home.
                    I entered into debate mode with the waiter once again over dessert. I was interested in the three gelati and was wondering what size each scoop was; melon ball size, ice cream scoop size? Again I couldn’t get a straight answer and he was intent on pushing his own agenda and we ended up with the three scoops (olive oil, espresso & vanilla) and the butterscotch budino. As it turned out the gelati scoops are somewhere in between a melon ball and ice cream size and would have been enough for us. It was all very good and I realized I hadn’t had butterscotch anything since childhood. I rarely order dessert so I thoroughly enjoyed every bite.
                    Another complaint seems to be the prices. I think the pizza prices are very reasonable, in the $10-18 range. I found everything else to be a bit over-priced though. For us, the prices make it a special occasion kind of place and there are s.o. places we like better so I don’t feel compelled to go back but I wouldn’t object if someone invited me or wanted to go there. I’d look forward to it but I think my strategy would be to try and get seats at the bar and just order a pizza and a beer and move on.

                    1. re: tofuburrito

                      Thanks for the report, tofuburrito! I think you pretty much nailed Pizzeria Mozza on the head :-)

              2. Those bone marrow pictures are fantastic! Looks like an awesome dish.

                I am very tempted by the gelato ice cream sandwiches as well -- those are all my favorite cookie flavors.

                I'm definitely going to have to head back to Mozza before too long!