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Jun 3, 2008 09:25 AM

Sourdough at Pike Place Market

I am going to the market this weekend and am on a mission to find some very good sourdough baguettes or rounds. My gold standard is Boudin's of San Francisco but I know I won't find that up here. Can you please tell me if there is something closeto Boudin's at the market or very near by the market?

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  1. boudin is the unmatchable paragon of sourdough and unavailable elsewhere - but three girls bakery in the market (on pike place adjacent to jack's fish spot) bakes a quite superior runner-up both in rounds and as baugettes - btw, they have been in the market (under various owners) since 1911

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      I hate to burst your bubble, but Three Girls Bakery does NOT bake any bread themselves. They do have it delivered from various local bakeries fresh daily. They DO BAKE most of their pastries at their Commissary near Seattle Center. This is from a post by the owners' daughter:

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        Three Girls has a fine lunch counter but they don't bake their own bread and I've had rude service and stale bread from the window enough times that they're my bread vendor of last resort - which for sourdough, they might be.

        Better options for other breads in the market are Delaurenti (supplied by Macrina among others) and Le Panier. Neither have sourdough, unfortunately.

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          Delaurenti's carries Macrina's sour ficelle, which I love, and I think also their Sour White (or you could just walk to Macrina from the Market). These are very good quality breads but I don't know anything about Boudin's so can't tell you how it compares.

      2. Not quite the same, but I like Alaskan Sourdough Bakery on Pier 57, down the hill from the market.

        1. I may try both of these reccomendations. I am familiar with Three Girls. I especially liked their two pound loaf of carraway rye. Didn't know they were good for sourdough.