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Need upscale NW Austin Client lunch place

I went to UT and lived in Austin and it seems the Arboretum area is dying.

I need a good upscale restaurant (money isnt an issue) that I can take clients to off Mopac and 183.

Please help! Any genre of food is fine

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  1. Unfortunately, the upscale ones (Truluck's, Eddie V's) aren't open for lunch.

    Some possibles:

    On Jollyville Rd

    Manuel's (Mexican)

    PF Chang's (Asian

    a short trip down Cap of Tx Hwy

    Siena Ristorante Toscana

    1. Just off Mopac and Braker, you have the Domian. Nice places there.

      1. Siena is a great choice. The Domain has:
        McCormick & Schmicks
        Joe DiMaggio's Steakhouse
        Daily Grill-lots of business lunches happen there
        Kona Grill

        1. One of my clients is the seventh richest man in Japan. His favorite dish happens to be Pho. Talk about getting off cheap. ;)

          1. Mikado is very nice and, being at Burnet and 183, it's only one exit away.


            1. Mikado is a wonderful restaurant and, being one exit east of Mopac off 183, the location should work for you.

              1. Try Mirabelle on Mesa between Spicewood Springs and Steck.

                1. Try the Viet Namese place over by Target. I think it is named Sunflower or something sunny. OTW, there are no decent eating places in the area you are talking about. He might enjoy more a place that is small, local and down home, even if it is VN downhome.

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                    Huh? That's an interesting comment... I happen to disagree but perhaps we define the word "decent" in a different way. I promise I'm not trying to be combative... I just don't quite get it...

                    1. re: Rene

                      I am referring mainly to the Mopac and 183 area where there are, IMO, no decent restaurants. Everything is franchise and worse with a few exceptions and the exceptions, serving "decent" food are still franchises or chains, e.g. Eddie V's. Threre are no original, one of a kind locally owned restuarants, that I can think of in that area. If there is one please let me know, BTW, I don't count Mirabelle as being in that area. The point here is that if this man from Japan is as rich as stated to be, he has been to some of the best restuarants in the world and our Kobe beef is going to taste like trash to him. That is why I would opt for local, ethnic and flavorful. Yes, "decent" covers a lot of ground and leaves lots of room for respectful disagreement. Sorry, but that is my POV and you are entitled to yours. That is why we have more than one flavor of ice cream.

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                        Hoovers. Reale's. Andiamo. TacoDeli. Kerbey Lane. Manuels. Sambets. Pre-fire Saccone's. Donut 7. Etc. No comment on whether those are good restaurants, just responding to your comment "there are no original, one of a kind locally owned restaurants".

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                          I agree with you partially at the risk of getting into sematic antics. Glad you ruled out quality because of the ones you listed the quality for the most part of pretty poor. I think the operative word here is "restaurants". I don't consider pizza places and deli's as restaurants although I am not familiar with Sambets and have been to Reale's only once. Kerby Lane lists themselves as a "cafe". Hoovers on Research is a lousy place to eat and also does not fit my criteria of "restaurant" , not being in the same category as Andiamo is as a "restaurant", ie. table clothes, cloth napkins, wine list , etc. As long as you are listing locally owned places why not include Arrendondo's Taquito wagon parked on the parking lot by Petsmart. You did get me on Andiamo. It is a "restaurant" according to my definition but, imo, a little far from Mopac,183 but I will concede that one although their quality notoriously declined shortly after they opened. Lastly, as you quoted me, I said " one of a kind". There again Hoovers, Kerbey Lane and Manuels do not qualify since there are more than one of them. Thank you for your reply.

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                          Ok, I get your point. The person with the wealthy client wasn't the original poster... that's what confused me.

                    2. Just remembered a new one within the Arboretum. It appears to be pretty upscale, even has Kobe beef on the menu.

                      Kenobi Restaurant and Sushi Bar


                      1. It may not be upscale enough, but what about Z-Tejas? Next to Eddie V's. I think it'd be a great place to take out of town clients to. Give 'em a few of those margaritas. You could do a lot worse.

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                          I'd consider Mesa Ranch or Mirabelle on Mesa north of Spicewood.

                          Most of the upscale lunch crowd in that area is to be found at the Domain.

                        2. I agree with the Domain - any place there (especially the Daily Grill, McCormicks or Joes) should do nicely.

                          1. A late entry but an inspired one: the restaurant at the Texas Culinary Academy, Ventana.


                            1. No love for North by Northwest?