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Jun 3, 2008 09:21 AM

Need upscale NW Austin Client lunch place

I went to UT and lived in Austin and it seems the Arboretum area is dying.

I need a good upscale restaurant (money isnt an issue) that I can take clients to off Mopac and 183.

Please help! Any genre of food is fine

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  1. Unfortunately, the upscale ones (Truluck's, Eddie V's) aren't open for lunch.

    Some possibles:

    On Jollyville Rd

    Manuel's (Mexican)

    PF Chang's (Asian

    a short trip down Cap of Tx Hwy

    Siena Ristorante Toscana

    1. Just off Mopac and Braker, you have the Domian. Nice places there.

      1. Siena is a great choice. The Domain has:
        McCormick & Schmicks
        Joe DiMaggio's Steakhouse
        Daily Grill-lots of business lunches happen there
        Kona Grill

        1. One of my clients is the seventh richest man in Japan. His favorite dish happens to be Pho. Talk about getting off cheap. ;)

          1. Mikado is very nice and, being at Burnet and 183, it's only one exit away.