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Jun 3, 2008 09:09 AM

NC Barbecue Road Trip - need advice

I'm planning a short road trip around the Winston-Salem/Lexington/Greensboro region and would like to hit several of the best barbecue joints in that area. So far the itinerary includes:

1. Carolina Bar-B-Q (Statesville)
2. Lexington Barbecue No. 1 (Lexington)
3. Little Richard's Bar-B-Que (Winston-Salem)
4. Stamey's (Greensboro)
5. A&M Grill (Mebane)

Other possibilities include:

6. Richard's Bar-B-Q (Salisbury)
7. Clark's Barbecue (Kernersville)
8. Fuzzy's (Madison)

I can probably work in one or two of that second group, so any advice on how those compare would be appreciated. Also, are there any can't-miss stops in that area that I'm leaving out? (I won't be able to make it as far as Chapel Hill for Allen & Sons and will only be driving through Lexington briefly so I probably won't be able to stop at others there).


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  1. add mr. barbecue in winston-salem and drop clarks in kville

    1. That's a lot of the same basic foodstuffs, with variations being mostly in the quality of the food. IMO, once you eat at Lexington #1, you've had the best BBQ the Triad has to offer...

      1. If you go to A&M, Allen & Son is only about 10-15 minutes away. It's worth those extra minutes, in my opinion. It's by far my favorite of the ones mentioned.

        There are some other great ones in Lexington, with Barbecue Center and Smiley's at the top of my list.

        Instead of Fuzzy's, I would probably go for Short Sugars in Reidsville since it's different.

        Many people rave over Stamey's in Greensboro, but I've tried it several times and have never really enjoyed its flavor or consistency.

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          Try Country BBQ on W. Wendover/ I-40. Thats my favorite G'boro.

        2. I'd definitely skip Stamey's and Clark's, and I'd definitely tweak the schedule to include Allen and Son. Adding Short Sugar's is also a good call. I'd also consider adding Keaton's (just east of Statesville) for their unique BBQ chicken.

          1. If you search this forum, you'll find a drive by bryanz that took in several places and gave good commentary.

            In the areas you mention, I'd skip 6,7,8. I'd do 1,2,&4, and add Short Sugars and maybe a 2nd Lexington restaurant.

            I finally figured out one of the primary differences in the wide wide differences of opinion in the people who post regularly to these forums, but I'm still doing research and am not ready to reveal my "aha" experience yet.