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Jun 3, 2008 09:01 AM

MSP- Favorite Foods when Feeling Foul?

I have one of the worst colds in memory. Food doesn't sound good (or really taste like much other than cardboard), which makes me even more miserable. I am wondering from my fellow 'hounds-- what food do you want to eat when you're feeling lousy? What are your favorited comfort foods that make you feel better? Trying to make a list of things to send my hubby in search of, in an attempt to make me slightly less icky company. All input is, as always, appreciated.

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  1. Pho is always my go-to when I am feeling sick. Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Pardon the interruption folks, but in order to keep this thread on-topic for the Midwest board, please limit your replies to favorite foods found at specific restaurants in the Midwest. Thank you!

      1. Sorry to hear about your cold. Colds are bad enough in winter, but at least it gives you an excuse to stay indoors and snuggle under a blanket. Having a cold really stinks in spring and summer, though, when you just want to be out an play in the nice weather. But, yeah, I happen to agree that take-away pho from Saigon (sorry I can't remember whether you tend to be a Minneapolitan or a St. Paulite) or Pho Tau Bay would be soothing. Also, from Little Szechuan, fish fillet and tofu in spicy tasty broth would do it for me. Or maybe matzo ball soup from Cecil's (they deliver, depending on where you are...) Feel better soon!


        1. I always get tom yum soup from a Thai restaurant when I have a cold. The spicy, citrusy flavors are taste-able even with dulled senses, and it seems like a nourishing option (meat and veggies and hydrating broth).

          The place I usually go (because it's the closest place to me with decent tom yum) is Taste of Thailand, though I'm sure there's better to be had.

          Taste of Thailand
          1669 Selby Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55104

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            Tom yum soup would be a great choice--whether she's feeling foul or fowl!

            But, now that you mention tom yum soup, it triggers for me the memory of that lovely coconut soup at Cafe BonXai.


          2. The key for me when I have a cold is spicy. Pho from Quang + lots of hot sauce is one option.

            Tom Yum soup from the Cambodian place on University is great (what's the name again?)

            Or Thai Curry. I like Chai's Thai a lot and I'm eating Tum Mit Thai right now.

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            1. re: churchka

              The Cambodian place on University (whose tom yum soup I apparently have to try) is:

              Cheng Heng Restaurant
              448 University Ave W, Saint Paul, MN 55103

              1. re: diesel

                Yep, that's it. The Tom Yum has quail eggs in it, which gives it the leg up on the competition, IMHO.

                1. re: churchka

                  Had it yesterday. SO DAMN GOOD. The spice/heat level was pretty low yesterday -- I've noticed that it varies -- but there's a little pot of red chilies in oil on each table, so you can kick the heat up to adequately sinus-clearing levels if need be. And the quail eggs are perfect.