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Flipping pancakes

Does anyone have a REALLY good recipe for "from scratch" pancakes. I have tried many but none that I just flipped over. If you have one, please share.

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  1. Well, it may be on your list of 'tried and rejected' but it is on my list of 'tried and true': The Joy of Cooking basic is my old standby...I confess that I always add a little more milk than they call for as I like to let my batter stand and 'mellow' before re-beating, gently and then cooking up.

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      Can't beat Joy of Cooking for pancakes. And always add more milk. Also, their "sour milk" (buttermilk) pancake recipe is amazing.

    2. I always make either Alton Brown's buttermilk pancake recipe found on the food network website, or a Joy of Cooking recipe, and I love both. The only real trick to pancakes is to not overmix the batter. Otherwise, it's incredibly straight forward and simple.

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      1. We have tried several pancake recipes from Marion Cunningham's "The Breakfast Book" and have determined that only pancakes we will ever make again are the Sour Milk Pancakes from that book. They are light and tender and most delicious. What makes them so wonderful I think is the fact that the egg whites are whipped separately then folded into the rest of the batter. Makes for an ethereal pancake.

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          Those are good -- but my very favorite from that book is the wheat crumb pancakes. They are a real favorite around here with the whole family. They have a very different texture and flavor than regular pancakes -- almost a cross between french toast and pancakes. I usually use whole wheat fresh bread crumbs and all whole wheat flour.

          Other than that, my next favorite is from a country breakfast book. I'll have to check the title tonight. In that, it's the banana walnut recipe -- delicious. We also swap in chocolate chips sometimes...

        2. My favorite is from the Best Recipe. A close second, but a very different pancake (very light and fluffy, almost too light) is from the Cake Bible.

          Best Recipe:

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            The Cake Bible recipe is great. An easier recipe, since you don't have to separate the eggs, is Nigella Lawson's American pancakes from Nigella Bites.

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              Best Recipe is also my favorite. It makes a very thick batter and lovely fluffy pancakes.

            2. Ina Garten's sour cream banana pancakes.

              1. I love Martha Stewart's recipe -- especially when we make them banana/berry blast style by dropping pieces of banana, blackberry, raspberry and strawberry into each cake just after the initial pour onto the griddle.


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                  The Martha Stewart buttermilk pancakes are the best pancakes I've ever eaten. Highly recommended!

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                    Buttermilk is that secret ingredient in pancake batter that makes them impossible to resist.

                2. It's a Rachel Ray recipe and I really loved them:

                  1. The flapjacks I like best by far are buckwheat. But if I'm in a pancake mood I usually fix crepes.

                    1. My current favorite (and I have made A LOT of different pancake recipes) is a Cranberry-Cornmeal recipe that I originally found on The Wednesday Chef. I sometimes substitute blueberries instead of cranberries, but in either case they are delicious!


                      1. i've never made homemade pancakes that i felt came anywhere close to the good stuff from a place like ihop. mine are always too dense :(

                        hell, i even like mcdonald's more than mine. scratch that--i love mcdonald's pancakes.

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                          I can't make a pancake to save my life.....when in need of a fix Micky D's are great. But just yesterday I was at IHOP and we tried two of their specialty pancakes...blueberry and carrot cake....Well the blueberry were awesome. But the carrot cake, for anyone out there that absolutely loves carrot cake, they taste just like it. A little to much nutmeg for me, but SO loved them.

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                            i am a carrot cake junkie. gotta try these.

                            if you live close to a "hall of fame cafe" restaurant (columbus ohio, huntington wv, louisville ky, lansing michigan) you should definitely have a slice of their "big carrot cake." it lives up to its name--it's huge--and is coated in a cream cheese frosting pecked with pecans and doused in a raspberry sauce.

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                            To make fluffy pancakes, pancakes that aren't dense, separate the eggs and fold the batter into the stiffly beaten whites. Makes a huge difference and a delightful fluffy cake.

                          3. I have a tub of ricotta that I bought out of curiousity and now I need to get rid of it. Does anyone know if any good pancake recipes made with ricotta?

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                              Here's a recipe from the zaar


                              They sound great, I may even try making these myself.