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Jun 3, 2008 08:43 AM

Hong Kong Pho

Gonna be in HK for 7 days, where are the tasty pho shops?
Well, lets be honest here, coming from the US I will also want some US grub too.
Any info when I do get the Burger/Fast food jones?
And yeah good ol prime steak, do they have em and how much is the damage?


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  1. Hmm, I don't think that pho would be something you'd want to have in HK, they are not that popular in HK for some reason. But come on, when you're in HK, try a bowl of real won ton, fish ball, or beef brisket noodle, many of them well under $5. There are thousands of these noodle shops around town, I can guarantee that you won't be disappointed. As for fast food, you'll be in heaven, besides the MickyDs, and KFCs, there's cafe de corel and many other fast food places scattered around the city.
    When it comes to a piece of USDA prime steak... why!? you live in the states, why would you want to travel halfway around the world for a piece of marked up domestic beef? I'd recommend a good real piece wagyu or kobe beef, keep in mind, they're not cheap, US$100+ but it's a feast!! depending on where you're staying, the concierge should be able to show you the way! check out for some places near you. have fun there!

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      Actually pho is incredibly popular, but the quality is low compared to what you get in Vietnam, or Canada. I recently stayed for a few weeks on a small street in Wanchai that had a bunch of noodle shops. The line-ups at the pho place were the longest, but the taste wasn't there.
      Stick to Chinese noodles in HKG.

    2. I've not tried this myself, but one of my cousins who's a real food lover swears by Pho Saigon at 319, Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Tel: 28336833. But its specialty dish is actually the Saigon chicken curry, served with a wedge of baguette - that dish has been voted one of the top 50 dishes not-to-be-missed in 2008 by TimeOut Hong Kong.

      Its closest rival for best pho in Hong Kong is Nha Trang, 88-90 Wellington Street
      Central, Tel: 2581 9992.

      As for American grub, this is HK - where you can get practically anything. There's Morton's, Ruth's Chris, Lawry's, etc. For NY-Jewish, Main St Deli at Langham Hotel serves Reuben sandwiches, pastrami sandwiches as thick as those you get in Katz's Deli NY, matzoh balls, ruglach, latke, knishes, etc.

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      1. re: klyeoh

        YES! I was just at Saigon in Wanchai, SO GOOD! Didn't have the Pho, but had the aforementioned curry as well as spring rolls (fried just right) and their sandwiches are to die for. I would definitely recommend the sandwich (get it with luncheon meat).

        For some US grub, I actually just went to this place called SimplyLife cafe and bakery. Sells phenomenal bread as well as a good deal on lunches, brunches and dinners. My dad ordered the burger adn it was good. Serves western food - good arugala salads as well as big english breakfasts, organic pasta, etc. Cheap!

        Should probably quickly note that simplylife is in cityplaza in taikooshing and festival walk in kowloon tong. both MTR stops.

      2. I've never had a bowl of pho in HK that was worth eating, but the new Pho 26 sounds promising. There's a write-up in this weeks SCMP magazine about them:

        For American food in HK, the benchmark is Dan Ryans (or their slightly upscale sister, Union Bar and Grill, in IFC). They do a good job from burgers to steaks. Of the US chains, I'd recommend Ruth's Chris as doing the best job here, but they're expensive.

        I don't recommend the Main Street Deli. It's an expensive joke. I sooo want it to be good - I love deli and I live a block away - but they don't have a clue what they're doing.

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          pho 26 is ok - the 'kobe' beef pho is much better than the 'normal' one (well worth the nominal price diff of hk$10), but the soup is a bit msg-ish. nha trang is still the best for beef pho in my books.

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            Pho 26 is in my neighborhood and I enjoy their pho 3-4 times a month. Not fussy, clean flavors, simple ingredients. Consistent.

            For burgers, there's Triple O at the Great Food Hall in Pacific Place, Admiralty, if you're in the neighborhood. There's also Shake 'Em Buns on Pottinger St, near Lan Kwai Fong. If you want foie gras with the burger, got to Duke's Burger, on Staunton St, which is a few steps away - and be prepared to pay 50USD for this goodie!

            They've already mentioned Ruth's Chris. Wooloomooloo is the other one that comes to mind.