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Jun 3, 2008 08:28 AM

restaurants near ferry docks

my organization is having a staff meeting on the island next week, but apparently none of the island restaurants are open on thursday night except the 'carousel cafe' (echh). so does anyone have any recommendations for a decent place that is near (walking distance) the ferry docks? bonus points if it has private rooms, or a dance floor (or any recommendations of somewhere near the ferry docks where we could get a few drinks and dance? something that would be suitable for a group of 20-40 year olds....)

thanks in advance!

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  1. Decent dim sum/Cantonese at Pearl Harbourfront. More upscale then you'd expect.

    Captain John's — the old 30s yacht — would be a blast for a party. There's a really cool lounge that's like something out of a Humphrey Bogart movie. But drinks, only. The food is diabolical. Someone posted here they saw the lobsters trying to make a run for the lake!

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      A friend had her wedding reception at the Pearl. Excellent food - you might inquire beforehand for a banquet menu, which can offer some things that aren't on the regular menu. They do have private rooms, but not knowing how large your group is, I can't say for certain whether they can accomodate you.

    2. thanks edith! does anyone have any other suggestions?

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        There's (was?) a sportsbar/resto in the condo complex at 1 Yonge, across the street from the hotel.

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          DO NOT eat at the "Star bar." It's passable at best.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. sorry, should have added, for 30 people only - doesn't have to be super close to the docks, just a reasonable distance

          1. It is a sports bar, but the Harbour Grill had pretty tasty food the last time I was there

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              haha..yeah, it's a group of 30 feminists, most of whom aren't really into sports and would probably be really out of place at a sports bar! thanks anyway.