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Jun 3, 2008 08:16 AM

Baby Friendly Restaurants?

We're staying near mag mile later this month and will have 2 babies along for the ride. Any casual restaurants with good food that don't mind babies?

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  1. We found that most places were pretty accepting of babies for lunch, and early dinners. Also, one of us would also wisk our daughter away, out of the dining room if she started crying, so we would not disturb other diners.

    We dined at these places with her:

    Joes Stone Crab
    Saloon Steakhouse
    Sun Wah BBQ
    Honey 1
    Coal Fire
    Manny's Deli
    Fultons on the River

    enjoy your visit, summer in Chicago is the best time of year here.

    1. Chuckie Cheese. Try their pepperoni pizza with salad bar.

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        anything that isn't a chain? we have graham elliot booked for 1 night - we'll be leaving the kids with family for the night

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          Hey Napolean, don't listen to the previous poster. Many casual fine dining places will accomodate you if you call ahead.

          I took my five month old niece to Aigre Doux for an early Friday dinner and they were more than accomodating. My sister asked for us to be seated at one end of the room, rather than in the middle so she could step out easily if the baby got voiciferous. The entire staff was accomodating and we had a great meal.

          I would not try this for fine dining, but see what you like and they will help you out.

          For steaks, chops, a great chopped salad and an awesome sweet baked potato, try Wildfire. We eat there with kids all the time.

      2. This got emailed to me earlier today and might be really helpful- some very good Chicago restaurants on the list, hope it helps.