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Jun 3, 2008 08:12 AM

New Wildberry Yogurt, Phoenix area

Recently we saw a shop with a "Wildberry" sign and it appeared to be a Pinkberry-type frozen yogurt clone. Now we can't remember where we saw it . . . it would have been in a strip mall somewhere in NW Phoenix or Glendale/Peoria. I did a google search and didn't find anything. Has anyone else spotted this? I'm ready to try it!

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  1. There is a Wildberri Yogurt shop next to Target on 7th st and Bell Rd. It has been open about a month.
    (401 E Bell Rd. Ste.23)

    1. Sad, that a chain can't put up a simple website to market their stores.

      Different neighborhood, but, I saw some yogurt place was coming to Mesa Riverview (near the theatres), The name sounded familiar, but, I can't remember it. I haven't had any luck with the shopping center's website.

      It looks like Ice Tango is also expanding, although, mostly in Scottsdale.

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        BTW, the the "coming soon" sign at Mesa Riverview is for Ice Tango.

      2. kittyfood, I know you're somewhere out west -- have you tried iSwirl? It's at Litchfield & McDowell, behind the Black Angus. Yes, the owner's Korean, and the yogurt does have live cultures -- the original flavor is tangy and everything you'd hope for.

        I have never been to a Pink/Wildberry, so I don't know if the setup's the same. You walk past the counter to a wall of dispensers (eight flavors) and dispense whatever amount or combination you desire. At the counter you add toppings, and they weigh it at .39/oz. If I had to guess, I'd say the topping selection may not be what you find elsewhere -- but I'm after the yogurt, so I don't really care. I have tried: original, chocolate, coffee, peanut butter; vanilla, blueberry, apricot-mango, and watermelon.

        The atmosphere is very Asian -- flat-screens for the menus, sculptural chairs, saturated candy colors on gloss white.

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          I want to go there, I'm going to keep checking back to see if I can find it.
          I had a friend who went to Korea for a few months for her work, they have similar "yogurt bar" setups there but they called it bingsu. It sounded really good.

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            Thanks -- actually we're not that far west (we are near Bell & 51st Ave.) but next time I get out that way I will look for this place. The Wildberri that acquablue mentions at 7th & Bell must be the one we saw, as we did visit that Target a couple weeks ago. Looks like we have a new frozen yogurt trend starting in the city. I, too, am more interested in the yogurt than the toppings.

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              been to iSwirl twice. the original flavor is decent, while the others are hit-or-miss.

              the topping selection is mediocre (esp. the choice of fresh fruits) compared to similar stores.

              in any case, it's a nice addition to the area.

              also, I haven't been yet but berrygood ( just opened in goodyear (estrella pkwy/mcdowell). the reviews on yelp are not promising:

              1. re: andyeats

                i've tried berrygood and it's not berry good. i'm surprised that you don't like the original at iswirl. i use to eat pinkberry everyday and so far i swirl is the closest to their original that i have found in this area. have you tried chill?

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. I think there is a new Pink-type yogurt place downtown next to Pino's Pizza. I haven't tried it yet - might have to put it on the list!