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Jun 3, 2008 07:50 AM

Ping in Shirlington?

Does anyone have a review (good or bad) for Ping in Shirlington? My friends and I usually hit a restaurant in Shirlington (or that area) every other month. We are thinking of trying Ping.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Well, I recall a very recent Washington Post review -

    The headline says "Thai" but that's because the Ping review is the second of two places reviewed, the first being Thai.

    Summary (and this is a quote): "It does not, alas, distinguish itself with its cooking, much of which resembles the food you'd find at a run-of-the-mill Asian carryout. ... The long menu, with its pages of 'small plates,' ... What's not greasy dry ... or saddled with a problem."

    In other words, it was 'yawn' before, it's pretty but 'yawn' now.

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    1. re: wayne keyser

      I just want to disagree totally with Tom's washingtonpost review. I like the food here a lot. Its not a heavy mess and their General Tso does taste better than the run of the mill joints.