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Jun 3, 2008 07:44 AM

Sweet Republic - Scottsdale

Does anyone know anything about Sweet Republic, the new "cool" ice cream place at 92nd and Shea near Jade Palace? According to my wife, they have some intriguing flavors (basil?) and I am wondering if anyone has tried it.


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  1. I just stopped in on my lunch break's awesome!
    I had a scoop of the Earl Gray IceCream and a scoop of the Lime basil sorbet!
    The sorbet was by far my favorite as I am not a big fan of dairy...though was intrigued by the Earl Gray.

    The flavors were crisp, and definite.
    I loved it!

    Sweet republic is very cute. and bright inside. They have only been open a week and are still experimenting w/ flavors. They also had salted, butter caramel and pear ginger... Most of the flavors are what you would find in most gelato shops. They make their ice cream in the gelato machines...all is very smooth and creamy.
    The owner told me she will be doing more sophisticated flavors...she hasn't done any advertising...but did get a mention in the New Times today!
    Right now she is relying on word of mouth!

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    1. re: ciaogal

      I was at Sweet Republic last week and really liked the housemade everything concept. But they didn't have the flavors that ciaogal is talking about.

      I'm really curious to try the salted caramel ice cream mentioned the the New Times blog. I tried it before at Bi-Rite in SF, but didn't really like it there though I enjoyed the other flavors. So hopefully the salted caramel will be better at Sweet Republic.

      1. re: foodie_21

        I was in there for the first time about an hour ago and I tried many flavors, ALL of which were awesome! I decided on the salted caramel and the peanut butter chip. The peanut butter is made with natural peanut butter and doesn't have salt (I can't quite remember what she said about it but it was AMAZING), and the caramel was really, really good. I tried the Earl Grey which was interesting, it really did taste like tea but in ice cream form! I also sampled a few of the sorbets which are made with real fruit and nothing artificial.

        The toppings are limited, but that's because the ice cream is the star here. The toppings are made in-house as well, and I had some sort of caramel-nut brittle type thing which was very crunchy and had a salty but somehow sour taste to it. It was a little too difficult to chew until it got around to melting a bit in the ice cream. My boyfriend had a pistachio brittle-type topping which was much easier to chew. I got whipped cream on mine (real whipped cream!) and a chocolate sauce and a salted caramel sauce that went well with the caramel ice cream.

        They also have various baked goods which I believe are baked on-premises and looked great. They sell coca cola in bottles (very retro) which is cute. The women who work there, who I believe are the owners, are really nice and care about their product, and it shows! They offered samples of as many flavors as I wanted and told me all about their concept. They also offer pinkberry-style tart frozen yogurt, which I'll have to try on my next visit.

        Overall, this place is awesome and I can't wait to go back!

    2. Tried this place for the first time today and was very happy I did! I had the salted caramel with the pistachio topping. So good. The ice cream was really smooth and great balance of salty and sweet. Will be going back to try some other flavors.

      1. We tried it today. Very cool place inside...they did a good job with the space and the owner is very friendly and proud of her creation! I had the bananas foster with chocolate on top, my wife had the salted butter caramel, and our son had chocolate. All were hits. My wife had a taste of a cherry balsamic syrup as a topping and loved it, but did not order it.

        I do think they their scoops are VERY small for $2.95. And they are skimpy with the toppings. I'm sure the "ice cream is supposed to speak for itself" but I think they could be a little more generous. The serving size and price almost make a Sprinkles cupcake seem like a bargain! :-)

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          We stopped in to Sweet Republic for a second visit last evening. I had the lime basil sorbet again...still my favorite. I also tried the strawberry w/ the balsamic was a nice combination. My SO had the Chocolate and the Salted Caramel (a flavor I would have never guessed he would enjoy) He loved it!

          I do agree w/ ejs1492 about it being a little pricey....

          I think they are catering to the Kierland a neighborhood setting.

          I hope they start advertising soon!

        2. So I went back to check out some these intriguing flavors that Ciaogal and Jess321 reported on. The salted caramel was a yes for me. So were the pear ginger and lime basil. But the one flavor that I thought was really outrageous was the honey blue cheese. I wasn't sure that this would work, but it totally blew me away.

          Second Ciaogal on their need to advertise.

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          1. re: foodie_21

            Is the salted caramel a caramel-flavor ice cream with salted caramel bits?
            Just curious. At my local market here in UT, there is a new Hagan-Daz (sp) flavor that is caramel ice cream with caramel and little chocolate drops with salted caramel inside. It's unique and pretty darn good. Just wondering how this would stack up to the one at Sweet Republic.

            1. re: foodie_21

              Went here today and sampled all of the flavors mentioned thus far: lime basil (very refreshing; loved the basil component), earl gray (great; definitely does have the tea flavor but it's fairly light and sweet), and the honey blue cheese (agreed that it is quite good; again, has that distinctive blue flavor but is subtle and very nice, particularly for any blue cheese fans), and salted carmel (also great, as mentioned previously).

            2. Sounds great, looking forward to checking this place out.

              Adding info and map

              Sweet Republic Ice Cream
              9160 E Shea Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260