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Jun 3, 2008 07:38 AM

Good and fun (but not noisy) in East Village or LES?

What is good and fun (but not too noisy) in the East Village or LES?

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  1. 1. Be more specific, please.
    2. Everything in the EV and LES is fun.
    3. Everything in the EV and LES is too noisy.

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    1. re: jakew8

      If you haven't already eaten the subject meal, you might want to consider Tasting Room and Five Points. I think that the former is a bit noisy though.

      1. re: jakew8

        Note that The Tasting Room restaurant location on Elizabeth St. in Nolita has closed. I believe jakew8 is refering to the wine bar on 1st Street and 1st Ave.

    2. Degustation is the first thing that comes to mind in the not noisy category.

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      1. re: elyseNY

        fun is the last word i would use to describe degustation. perhaps austere?
        with regards to the food, i would say the most fun to be had is reading the menu. the actual food that follows doesn't really stand up.

        1. re: tracyk

          Agree Degustation is not noisy and not fun. We really enjoy the interesting, creative food and service.

      2. what kind of food are you looking for? for mexican i really like mole, though it can get a little 'cozy' the food is really good

          1. re: LeahBaila

            Apizz is great but it is not a restaurant that I would ever call "fun" - intimate would be the right word.

            Check out Grape and Grain/Against the Grain - E. 6th b/w B & C.

          2. Well Azul is a real good restaurant on Suffolk and Stanton. It can get a bit noisy just because it's a small place and usually crowded, but not too bad. Nice date place too.

            Also Isabella's Oven is good and fun. Make sure you go on a nice night and sit in the back outside. Won't be noisy at all as it won't be too crowded.