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Jun 3, 2008 07:31 AM

Something like Brunoise ...

Hello folks! I'm from Boston, in M'real for 3 evenings, late June. Great information here, this is a truly outstanding Chowhound forum (compared to ours!)

Normally, I've visited in Fall/Winter, so I've never experienced the 'Spring menus' in any of the fine restos you are blessed with. I've also been to Pied de Cochon, Cocagne, L'Express, O'Thyme, Les Heritiers in the last few years ...

Marche Atwater:
I would like to try something in the vicinity - my friend lives on Richmond, but he doesn't seem to know any great restos: I took him to C. and it blew him away. He hasn't yet visited JOE BEEF, nor had he ever set foot within the famed Market. What's a best-of-the-nabe shortlist? All cuisines open.

So, after a cursory read of the latest and your recommends on my March post, Leméac is probably a superior late-evening resto with a patio option - better than Margeaux, which my francophone friend suggested. No?

Anything else new & outstanding in the last 12-18 months, to shortlist? I've been to L'Express maybe a dozen times now. It's always a great late-night choice, but I'd like to try some different ($$-$$$) restos this visit. Or one really outstanding exotic/'ethnic' place with great character (maybe in crummy quartier?) that's worth an excursion...

Thanks for your suggestions and recommendations!

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  1. If you find something like Brunoise, I hope you will post about it!

    For something unique, delicious, and an funky atmosphere, I would suggest Garde Manger in Old Montreal--- here is a review that I think sums it up.

    Have fun---hope the sun will shine for you.

    1. just to let you know : Lemeac and Margaux are not in Westmount, but Outremont and "mile-end"

      1. Joe Beef and Liverpool House are always worth a try (but only one, not both on the same trip). Some newer places you might enjoy are Les Trois Petits Bouchons, on St. Denis, Bouchonne (a little more casual, but highly enjoyable resto/wine bar), L'Atelier on St. Laurent, and Au Cinquieme Peche on Mount Royal (although that one's been around a bit longer). La Montee de Lait might also be along the lines of what you're looking for, if you haven't been yet (same owners as Bouchonne). As for terraces, Lemeac's is one of the best, and they are a great late-night choice as well (especially the $22 after 10 pm menu).

        1. I think before any other place, if you wish to have an expertly executed spring menu in a resto that becomes a funky setting, then head to Laloux. You'll eat very well, at much more reasonable prices that other spots like Joe Beef and when done, you can head right next door for wines at Pop - they have some of the best organic wines in the city. And please don't skip on desserts at Laloux - Patrice's desserts almost make me weep every time.

          1. I would definitely check out Bouchonnee if you like wine. They have a great selection of small plates of food to go with the wine, and an outstanding cheese service, and it would be a great late night choice.

            If you like Syrian food, go to Le Petit Alep near Jean-Talon Market. Get the Chiche kebab Terbialy plate, which is spiced filet mignon served in a spicy red sauce and with crisp grilled pita. This is a beautiful and unique dish. They have a great selection of appetizer/dips as well. Very reasonably priced. Makes a nice lunch spot after a morning at the market.

            We recently had a very nice meal at Bazaar in Outremont. French based techniques and ingredients with a Middle Eastern spin. Very lovely atmosphere. It would be a nice meal.

            Re: Ethnic: an idea of what you might like could be helpful!