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Jun 3, 2008 07:29 AM


Hi everyone

We will be heading over to Vegas from London for a week in the Summer and I have all our meals sorted bar one. I wondered which of these two you would recommend ?

We like buzzy amospheres - but not deafning music. Great service - don't like to feel rushed and obviously great food.

I'd love to hear your experiences. Thank you :)

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  1. great question. i'm going with the family in august, and need to pick one of these. i've been to craftsteak. had the kobe special for a hundred bucks. best steak i ever had, and that includes peter lugers. was planning on taking the family to craftsteak, but everything i've been reading here about cut makes me wonder if that's the better choice, i'm guessing there's no wrong answer here, tho.

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      I ate at Stripsteak in April. Now, the "amuse bouche" of the french fries fried in duck fat were absolute heaven. I could have made an entire meal of them! And, the mac and cheese side was excellent - rich, but excellent. I had the smallest steak on the menu, rare. To me, it was ordinary - I can't even remember the steak cut, but it was not one of the Kobe offerings. Not the best steak I've ever had, but not the worst. Now, I'm not a steak eater, so maybe I can't tell a good steak from a great one. But, for me, I've had steak elsewhere that I was just as happy with for less money.
      The atmosphere is definitely buzzy, more with lots of voices than loud music.

    2. sorry, i confused stripsteak and craftsteak. bet i'm not the first person to do that, tho.

      1. I was at Cut last weeks and had a stellar Meal. The service was professional and friendly. I would highly recomend it.

        Im not sure how to really post a link, but the above is my review

        ...looks like it worked

        1. Can't comment on Cut but plan on dining there on my June trip.

          I had a similar experience at Stripsteak to scabbagirl. Everything from the appetizer, wine and dessert were fabulous. I had the Kobe filet and it was very good but had better, less expensive cuts of meat. All in all it was a great experience in a hip-feeling restaurant. You could probably do better on the steak elsewhere though. My most vivid memory was the tuna sashimi appetizer which was out of this world.

          1. I doubt you'll be disappointed by Stripsteak. I wasn't when I dined there... but I wasn't blown away, either. I went to an event at Cut when it opened and all the food they had was excellent, and I'm very anxious to go back there, more so than any other steakhouse on the Strip. If you do go to Stripsteak, go to town on the duck fat fries, they're awesome.