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Jun 3, 2008 07:16 AM

For all the Stamford foodies:

Looks like Barcelona, among others, are confirmed:

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  1. We were across the street at a different restaurant on friday and the signs for Barcelona were in the window of the old Zinc, so it is underway!

    1. What the reporter didn't mention was the spector of the newest chain to invade Stamford's DT: Houlihans, opening this summer, at Target ground floor on Broad.

      More chain competition for the local resto's in the "T", including Aria, the new Italian opening on Washington, not the most heavily trafficked sidewalk in the city.

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      1. re: louuuuu

        What's interesting to me is that the Trump Parc website is touting Houlihan's as a "fine dining restaurant"

        1. re: AndreaB

          hmmm. I don't think Houlihan's is what the site is referring to.

          Within the Trump building itself on Broad, space has been set for a high end resto. Rich and Capelli are talking with Cipriani.

          In White Plains, Capelli has BLT steak at the Ritz and the well reviewed 42.

          1. re: louuuuu

            I hope it wasn't referring to Houlihans. I'm still waiting for a good restaurant in the area.