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Jun 3, 2008 07:04 AM

Out-of-Towner Seeking Restaurant Suggestions

I will be in Chicago mid-July and am looking for suggestsions for places to eat. I will be staying at the Marriott in the Medical District about a mile from Union Park. Specifically I'm looking for a place to have a nice romantic dinner, not too expensive (i.e. Alinea is sadly out of my price range). Some nice lunch suggestions too: vietnamese or thai or other Asian cuisines that are on the cheaper side. I will have a car so distance isn't too much of an issue.

Also important: a good pizza place, preferably one that delivers.

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  1. I recently dined at Japonais. The menu was very creative and also very pricey. Two of us dined and just ordered appetizers and the bill came to $100. However, still highly recommened. The service was great, our waiter gave great suggestions and was very knowledgable. The tables/chairs and decor was very pleasant and overall it is a great restaurant. If you go try the specialty rolls, they are fantastic. Also try The Rock, it is thinly sliced new york strip and a rock which you cook the meat on at the table, the presentation is one of the coolest I have seen. Also try the oysters... I am not a fan of oysters but these were one of my favorite appetizers of the night.

    1. Not a whole lot in that area. 160 Blue is nearby on Randolph and might be good for that more expensive romantic dinner. There is always Greektown on Halsted. One decent lunch option is Ina's on Randolph. Wishbone might also be fun. None are asian though. Most of the good cheap Thai/Vietnamese places are much farther north. You're not too far from Chinatown, if you can take a long lunch. Try Phoenix, Sun Wah. Also not far from some good cheap authentic Mexican - Nuevo Leon for example.