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Jun 3, 2008 07:02 AM

Best of Miami "Cheap Eats"

Okay - bring it on! What are Miami's best "cheap eats" spots? Cuban, whatever! I'll be there for a day and I want to hit as many as I can! Thanks!

(Will also be in Ft. Lauderdale if you know of any there as well)

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  1. FC>

    How much cheap food can you eat in a single day? Cheap in Lauderdale - Lester's Diner and the Ark and Catfish Dewey's. Cheap in Pompano Beach - Dona Raquel (Mexi). Cheap in Miami Beach - David's, Puerto Sagua or Las Olas (Cuban). Cheap in NMiami - Little Havana (Cuban) or Beach BBQ next door.

    Cheap cheap cheap...


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      A lot! ;) There will be several people with some time to kill before our cruise. Thanks so much!

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        Any "moderate" recs ... for the Aunts/Uncles/Grandparents who can afford more ..! Like $20/$30 total pp.

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          Tom Jenkins BBQ at US1 and Davie Blvd. in Ft. Lauderdale. Get the spare ribs.

      2. for a few dollars, you can get a meal at
        El Palacio de Los Jugos - marketplace with food vendors
        El Rey De Las Fritas - Cuban Burger King
        Arahi's Bakery - inexpensive flan
        Go-Go Fresh Food - designer empanadas
        Yambo Nicaraguan
        Dogma hotdogs
        San Loco tacos
        Ver Daddy's Taco Shop
        Miami fast food: Lime, Pollo Tropical, Chicken Kitchen

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          El Nuevo Siglo's counter at 13th and Calle Ocho serves up HUGE platters of cuban food that is excellent and very inexpensive ($4.50 to $7 for a main dish, mound of rice, bowl of beans, and one side dish). On Thursdays they usually serve up a very cuban dish as a special that you won't find many places: Quimbombo: an okra, green plaintain, and pork stew that is quite delicious.

          Mi Rinconcito Mexicano.. at 20th and Calle Ocho - the $4.95 shrimp ceviche tostada (it's a special on the weekends) is delicious.

          Yambo is great on decor.. the food is... eh.. go around the corner to La Esquina Nica (16th and Flagler) where the decor is completely missing, but the food is good. They have one of my favorite cheap meals: Repocheta (deep fried white cheese served in a deep fried hoimemade corn tortilla slathered with shredded cabbage and nicaraguan style sour cream) and a glass of cacao con leche (spiced chocolate milk). Total tab before tip: $4.50

          Tom Jenkins isn't that cheap and I am one of the non-fans -- I find the sauce too bitter for my taste -- the side dishes are good.. Li'l Red's on SR 84 just east of I-95 has a great BBQ pork or beef (smoked barbecue) sandwich with 2 side dishes for right at $5.00. The Dixie Pig just north of Prospect Road on West Dixie Highway in Oakland Park has a great eastern carolina style barbecue platter.