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Jun 3, 2008 06:47 AM

Broward restaurants w/private "rooms" for birthday party

We are thinking of hosting a birthday celebration for a party of 12 adults. I like the idea of possibly finding some place that has a small, separate area for our party. I would like to hear all price ranges, even the cheap ones as long as the food is good and the atmosphere jovial. We haven't yet decided if we want to go the "classy" route or the "beer and crab legs" route! It depends on how many guests will be joining us.

Thank you! this is my first post, but I have been lurking for ages!

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  1. Timpano on Las Olas has a small private room. Food is moderate and decent.

    1. The new Riley McDermott's has a beautiful private room upstairs. I'm not a huge fan of their food, though, but the room is impressive. 3030 Ocean has a private room also and I like the food better. The Capital Grille has a pretty nice private room if you are interested in steakhouse fare. I think Sunfish Grill has a private room, but we had a disaapointing meal there last weekend. I'm not sure about lower end venues, but I think The Rustic Inn can do a private room. Good luck with the search.

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        How about Casa de Angelo in Fort Lauderdale? It has several private spaces and I think the atmosphere is right for a celebration I attended a large group birthday dinner there and they did a wonderful job. (They will order flowers, cake, etc. if you want). Casa serves a wide variety of italian dishes and the food is always good. See the website menu: and there always many additional specials. I agree that Capital Grille has private rooms and is a nice and safe bet for the steak route.

      2. I'm pretty sure Samba Room on Las Olas has one as well.

        1. Thanks so much, I will look into all of these!

          I will check back if anyone has additional info! Thanks!

          1. In Coral Springs there are two places with nice private rooms, both moderate prices.
            Gold Coast Grill (954-255-3593, alot of seafood, great bar chips with blue cheese) on University Drive, South of Sample and Tavolino Della Nonna(954-509-0046,italian, awesome food) on Sample Road just west of University Drive.