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Jun 3, 2008 06:44 AM

pan bagnat/socca/snacks in nice

Hi. Will be near Nice for a few days later this month -- would love to know where people are finding the best pan bagnat, socca, and other street-type food. Thanks.

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  1. You are making me hungry! I love both of those, but since I have not been to Nice in a while, I will let other hounds give you more current advice than I have.

    1. Socca down by the old port in Nice.

      Pan bagnat - go to Villefranche head down by the rade to the beach. There is a tiny outdoor cafe. The pan bagnat is great and so is the people watching.

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        thanks! Any place in particular by the old port, or just wherever smells best?

        1. re: ejr

          I remember Bar Rene Socca having the best, but there may be someone else now.

          1. re: ChefJune

            For Socca, I recommend Therese (aka the socca lady) - she has a stand in the Cours Saleya. Got to know her well during summers spent in Nice, and her socca is always fresh, peppery and delicious.

            It is easy to get delicious Pan Bagnat in Nice - lots of cafes and little take out shops sell it. (I think Therese sells it too.) My other favorite street food in Nice is pissaladiere (onion pizza with bits of anchovy and black olives). Again, you will find places that sell it around the cours saleya, and also in the marche Buffa, an old covered market on Rue Buffa near Gambetta that is only open in the mornings. The marche Buffa is definitely worth a visit - beautiful produce, cheeses, fish and other foodie delights on display.