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Jun 3, 2008 06:33 AM

Butcher in Hampton Roads area

We are looking to buy a freezer-sized quantity of beef from a butcher / farmer, preferably antibiotic-free. If anyone could recommend one, I'd be quite appreciative.

BTW, I'm a new member -- apologies if my posting format is off. Please feel free to educate me! :-)

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  1. There was just something in the paper last week about a farm where you can order a side of beef from...but i do not could try the Pilot's archives...they have a small section in the Food Section weekly about local fresh food

    1. I'm not sure about anti-biotic free, but I would definitely look into the butcher at the Virginia Beach Farmer's Market. It is at the corner of Princess Anne and Landstown Rd. I don't know the name. They have the best steaks that we've found around here. I'd be interested in other replies the VB market is a drive for us.

      1. Village Butcher at Hilltop

        1. HI!

          There is a farmer in Suffolk who is committed to natural farming. He offers many types of meat, including beef - grass fed! Their website is (I got a fresh turkey from them for Thanksgiving, it was AMAZING.


          Another local butcher is Central Meats in Chesapeake, VA. Their website is

          Full Quiver Farm
          2801 Manning Road, Suffolk, VA

          1. I don't know if you found a place to purchase beef. We sell grassfed, hormone and antibiotic-free cattle. We have just had a farm audit by the Animal Welfare Approved organization and the American Grassfed Association. Both make sure that the animals are well cared for and are raised in a natural environment with adequate pastures, water supply, etc. We have recently instituted a breeding program crossing our registered Polled Hereford cattle with registered Black Angus. Genetic testing has shown that this is an excellent cross which produces the best quality grassfed beef . Please feel free to call us if you are or someone you know, is interested in buying some quality beef.
            Ross Walker
            Cheryl Mitkewicz
            Walker's Prime Havest
            Decatur, Tennesee 37322

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              Ross and Cheryl, Is there better contact info (email, website, or phone)?