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Butcher in Hampton Roads area

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We are looking to buy a freezer-sized quantity of beef from a butcher / farmer, preferably antibiotic-free. If anyone could recommend one, I'd be quite appreciative.

BTW, I'm a new member -- apologies if my posting format is off. Please feel free to educate me! :-)

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  1. There was just something in the paper last week about a farm where you can order a side of beef from...but i do not remember...you could try the Pilot's archives...they have a small section in the Food Section weekly about local fresh food

    1. I'm not sure about anti-biotic free, but I would definitely look into the butcher at the Virginia Beach Farmer's Market. It is at the corner of Princess Anne and Landstown Rd. I don't know the name. They have the best steaks that we've found around here. I'd be interested in other replies too....as the VB market is a drive for us.

      1. Village Butcher at Hilltop

        1. HI!

          There is a farmer in Suffolk who is committed to natural farming. He offers many types of meat, including beef - grass fed! Their website is http://www.fullquiverfarm.com/ (I got a fresh turkey from them for Thanksgiving, it was AMAZING.


          Another local butcher is Central Meats in Chesapeake, VA. Their website is http://centralmeats.com/

          Full Quiver Farm
          2801 Manning Road, Suffolk, VA

          1. I don't know if you found a place to purchase beef. We sell grassfed, hormone and antibiotic-free cattle. We have just had a farm audit by the Animal Welfare Approved organization and the American Grassfed Association. Both make sure that the animals are well cared for and are raised in a natural environment with adequate pastures, water supply, etc. We have recently instituted a breeding program crossing our registered Polled Hereford cattle with registered Black Angus. Genetic testing has shown that this is an excellent cross which produces the best quality grassfed beef . Please feel free to call us if you are or someone you know, is interested in buying some quality beef.
            Ross Walker
            Cheryl Mitkewicz
            Walker's Prime Havest
            Decatur, Tennesee 37322

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              Ross and Cheryl, Is there better contact info (email, website, or phone)?

            2. Please visit Pendulum Fine Meats in Norfolk. They are the finest butcher shop we have ever visited, and if they cannot provide a freezer-sized quantity, then they do have a CSA-style monthly ordering program and an ever-changing array of local, natural, and unexpected meats of all kinds. http://www.pendulummeats.com/ I do believe that they carry Full Quiver poultry and Pleasant Farm Eggs, as well. Best anywhere!