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Jun 3, 2008 06:30 AM

Soup in Msp

I have a co-worker who is under the weather. Any suggestions for a hot bowl of soup to get the big guy back on his feet? He's a big chowder fan. MSP area.

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  1. I know others will have much better answers, but the two places that pop into my head are Lunds and Quang.

    Lunds has really good soup to go. I especially like their signature wild rice soup and the chicken noodle soup.

    Quang is ultimate soup place for me. All the soups are good, but I especially like the vegetarian one, though I'm not a vegetarian. It is just a little lighter than the rest and very tasty. The pho, of course, is the go to and very good. Or you could stop at Pho Tau Bay if that is more your speed, or one of the St. Paul pho joints.

    And I don't know where to get chowder, sorry.

    1. Cafe Latte consistently has really great soups - the selection changes frequently, but there's usually something cream-based (does that count as chowder then, or is chowder something more specific?).

      In an effort to be more specific (for Enso): good quality ingredients, well-balanced flavors, not too salty, generously chunky (when appropriate), not too salty. It's hard to be more specific when the options vary so much and time is limited!

      Cafe Latte
      850 Grand Ave Ste 1, Saint Paul, MN 55105

      1. I think that the soups at Surdyk's are very tasty, they make a walleye chowder there that is so good, my mouth is watering at the thought of it. They don't always have it-the selection changes often. However, when I don't feel well, toam yaam with chicken from Chaing Mai Thai (convenient place for me to get take out) with 4 flames of spice really does the job.

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          Thanks for the recs,all sound great

        2. Eddingtons chicken wild rice is still my favorite!

          And a place the DQ turned me on to has good soup too, but
          not as many choices