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Jun 3, 2008 06:27 AM

Cheese Danish Recipe

Hi. I am looking to prepare cheese danish for my girlfriend; every recipe I've found seems to call for the danish to be covered by dough, which she doesn't like. She likes danish that are circular with the filling visible on top, surrounded by the pastry, not covered by it. Can anybody suggest a classic cheese danish recipe in which the danishes are circular and the cheese filling peeks out on the top, since it is surrounded by the pastry, not covered by it? Thank you.

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  1. Take a look at Rose Levy Berenbaum's "The Pie and Pastry Bible". She has recipes for the pastry, fillings, and multiple shapes. On pages 504-506 she describes and shows through drawings the creation of "danish pastry twists" which I think are what you are looking for. These pastries are made from strips that are rolled into twists and coiled around to make a round pastry which is then filled, baked and iced with drizzled icing. Can't post the recipe since it's copyrighted but you can find the book in any library.

    Or just use any danish recipe you have but cut the rolled out dough into 1/2 inch strips which you roll back and forth with one hand, holding the end with the other hand, until it is tightly twisted. Then coil into a round bun, and continue with your recipe. It sounds like it's the shape, anyway, that is what is important to you and your girlfriend, not the recipe for the dough or the filling so much