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Jun 3, 2008 06:01 AM

Lunch near Wrigley

I've been to Wrigley dozens of times, but have rarely had time for lunch outside of the ballpark. I'll be there june 12th for a 1:20 game and I'm looking for suggestions for lunch within 6-7 blocks of Wrigley, preferably something other than burgers and dogs.

Thanks for the help.

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  1. Raw Bar, about two blocks north on Clark, is pretty good and reliable. It's sort of tapas, with the accent on (as you'd expect by the name) seafood.

    Menu here

    Also, Matsuya, a block south on Clark has decent Japanese food.

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    1. re: Pete Oldtown

      Don't think you can do Matsuya for lunch on that day?
      I would easily 2nd it if it's open for lunch. One of my favorite no frills Japanese/sushi in town.

    2. Sochu
      3313 N. Clark St
      Chicago, IL 60657
      (773) 348-3313

      Its a Japanese small plates place. Pretty cool

      Adesso off Broadway & Roscoe

      Radhuni Indian Buffet
      3227 N Clark St
      Chicago, IL 60657

      El Jardin Cafe - Mexican
      Roscor & Clark
      Make sure you are at the cafe not the full restaurant.