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Jun 3, 2008 05:31 AM

Recent Dining at O'Learys in Annapolis

I've been a long-time fan of O'Learys for seafood, but in the last few months I've left most meals feeling disappointed. A recent example: I eagerly await soft-shell crabs each spring, and O'Learys has usually had excellent specials (not necessarily in price but in taste) as appetizers. But my last special there consisted of a soft-shell crab served in a chorizo cream sauce. Now I love me some decent chorizo, but in a cream sauce over soft-shell crab at the end of May? Much too heavy for springtime.

Similary other fish that my fellow diners and I have ordered has arrived overcooked and unappetizing. I fear that the reputation started by the late great Chef Bauer and his proteges is in jeopardy under the reins of the new chef.

Contrast this with the dinner I enjoyed last night at Cynthias in Severna Park. The special were soft-shells served with mashed potatoes and a roasted pepper and corn puree. Yes a little rich but oh-so-delicious. I would say the service and prices are on par with O'Learys, and the food is superior. Yet Cynthias struggles for patrons (granted, it was a Monday night). I know that the locale (strip shopping center off Ritchie Highway) pales to Eastport, but I've now had too many mediocre meals at O'Learys to keep it as my first choice for Annapolis seafood.

Any others want to weigh in on recent O'Learys dining experiences?

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  1. I dined at O'learys on friday night and was equally or even more disappointed. We skipped appetizers because honestly there was nothing that was either inventive or appealing. For our entrees, I had the tuna which was tasteless and served with an even more tasteless vegetable couscous. My boyfriend had a special - the fried trout (I think) - it was ok. The tables were so crowded together, it was ridiculous for a place with absolutely no view. This place has gone downhill significantly - do not waste your time here - Head across the street to Lewnes' for an outstanding dining experience.