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if you don't like martini's...

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I love whiskey, there I said it. I love 7 & 7, whiskey sours, jack & diet coke, jack & ginger, crown royal & soda etc...Sometimes when we go out, my friends chuckle at my drink request. They all drink martini's and think I need to "grow up" with my choice of cocktails. I can't stand gin or vodka, so I'm not ordering a martini!! I don't know much about spirits, so please educate me and give me ideas for something to order the next time I go out...

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  1. I would keep drinking whisky. But if you insist...why not try a vodka martini with a whisky wash?

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      You might like a Rye Club Cocktail.

    2. When you say crown & soda, do you mean club soda or 7-up/Sprite? If the former, then you are okay with the taste of the whiskey, so you can start to branch out with other whiskey based non-sweet cocktails such as an Old fashioned or a Manhattan. If you are interested in trying a Martini type of cocktail made with whiskey, try a dry manhattan. take a good bourbon( I geberally use Woodford or Knob Creek for this drink) and put 3 oz in a pitcher of ice. add 1 oz dry vermouth( Vya is the best, but Noilly Pratt or Martini & Rossi or Stock all are fine). Stir briskly untill the outside of the pitcher starts to frost or condense. Strain into a Martini glass and garnish with either a lemon twist or an olive. (The inquiry of this choice from a bartender can lead to an amusing misunderstanding regarding the relevance of Dickens' young character, but that's another story.) This is a real grownup drink and no vodka or gin is injured in its preparation

      1. How about a Sidecar, its served in a cocktail glass so your friends may see it in a better light. The recipe I enjoy is:

        4 parts Cognac
        2 parts Cointreau
        1 part lemon juice

        Shake with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

        The fruitiness of the lemon juice and Cointreau (orange flavored liqueur) blend wonderfully with the cognac.

        1. or a rob roy, which is basically a whiskey martini

          1. You might like a Rye Club Cocktail.

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                My favorite, but it's hard to find a bartender who makes it right (and has Peychaud's) outside of New Orleans.

              2. If your friends make fun of what you drink, then you need new friends. If you find yourself drinking someplace where the bartender will consent to fill a request for an "appletini," then you need to leave and never return. If you want to "grow up," stop drowning your whiskey in sweet soft drinks. The cocktails already suggested are as good a place to start as any (but if you do like sweet stuff, and tend to favor Canadian whiskeys, then I'd suggest starting with a Manhattan rather than a Rob Roy).

                1. Whiskey sours *are* a grown-up drink. Enjoy and relax. If you want to get hoity-toity, order a premium whiskey of the variety you prefer in your whiskey sour.

                  1. Easiest thing to do if their comments really bother you is order a Manhattan straight up, or whatever whisky you like on the rocks, or with club soda. Anyway, a Whisky Sour is a classic cocktail. Personally I'm not much for mixing good booze with coke or ginger ale, but I don't think your drink preferences are that bad. It's a long way from the girl who makes an ass of herself ordering a sex on the beach, no matter where she is, or some people I know who are in their 30's and still drinking Mike's Hard Lemonade and Tequiza (shudder).