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Jun 3, 2008 12:41 AM

Bogota on a weeknight?

What's the noise/crowd situation like at Bogota on a weeknight? I've only been twice, once on a Friday during Restaurant Week (accidentally) - all I remember is that it was really crowded, but that's to be expected for Restaurant Week, I guess. The second time was for a Sunday brunch and it was VERY loud (the music was unnecessarily loud on top of already loud chatter din).

My parents are visiting and I think they'd really enjoy the food, but doubt their 60-something selves would be psyched about having to shout our entire meal. I'm thinking of bringing them for a mid-week dinner around 6pm. They don't have hearing problems or anything, and they enjoy music and a little excitement and such - but at that last brunch I had there it was just *too much*.

Think it'll be okay?

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  1. unless yr parents are hippies, id shy away from taking them to bogota at all. its not noisy on weeknights but the service is always pretty hit or miss and the food isnt anything special.

    i stuck to parent favorites in the slope...applewood, stone park...and if it is early enough, al di la.

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      I would add Convivium and/or Tempo to the list of "parent-friendly" places.