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Jun 3, 2008 12:37 AM

Portland, ME and surrounding areas?

Hey - I'm looking for good asian cuisine. I'm obsessed with Korean food but I don't know if any of that exists in portland or around. I know there are probably a few Japanese restaurants (like Fuji in Portland) that serve a couple of basic korean dishes - bimbimbap, bulgogi, etc, but was wondering if anyone knew other places?

I'm also looking for a good and relatively inexpensive place for thai food.

Also, I know Benkay has good sushi and I know ...I think the name is Sakura (by the waterfront?) has cheap late night sushi, but does anyone know of a place that has cheap sushi (like sakura during the night time) but all day?

I've also lost hope in finding good Chinese food in Maine...

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  1. There is a Korean/Japanese restaurant in So. Portland named Nara. Check out there menu which is online. I haven't tried it.

    1. There is a Korean/Japanese restaurant in So. Portland named Nara. I haven't tried it yet.

      1. Place by the waterfront is called Sapporo.

        Nara, as mentioned below, is the closest Korean to Portland. It's... okay. Korean there is better than the Japanese food, I think. Fuji used to have more Korean stuff but they've radically scaled back. I don't think there's much demand, unfortunately -- their stone pot bibimbap was pretty good.

        Good Thai, and really really great larb (even tofu!) at Sengchai Thai on Forest Ave, across from Thanh Thanh 2, the place with the good pho.

        Best Chinese in Maine is probably, as mentioned on other threads, Lotus in Falmouth. That's not to say it's good Chinese, unfortunately. On the other hand, Boston is only a couple of hours away.

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          Nara yeah: their sushi is awful. The stone pot bibimbap is still on the menu however.

          I remember and regret not taking better advantage of the little Korean restaurant in Cape Elizabeth that stood where the Good Table is now. It's been gone for years.

          "Sakura": Yosaku? My favorite Japanese restaurant, althouh Miyake is tugging at my heartstrings. I dunno about Yosaku being cheap though.

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            Yes! Sapporo is the name...I know it was Sa..something.

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              I was surprised to find really good Chinese food at Fortune Garden on outer Forest.The food is light and fresh and the people who run it are always friendly. Worth a try if you haven't yet.

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                Last time I tried that place it was absolutely on par with the Chinese places in various exurban areas that have a takeout counter and plastic pictures of the food and a security window. Wok Inn in Portland would be an example. Has it improved?

                Wok Inn, BTW, has acceptable pan-fried noodles. Just about everything else, as my father in law puts it, is "number 10 kind." I think the Super Buffet in South Portland is better. The baby bok choi there is usually fresh.

            2. I heard that there was a new asian place in Brunswick, don't know the name but may be more reasonable....

              1. Nara is really it for Korean. It's average at best. Look or ask for any specials. I find the bulgogis too sweet and the Chi Ge no better than what we can make at home.

                Sun Oriental Market on Congress Street is Korean run. On occasion they post flyers for Korean meals at the Korean Methodist church on Washington Ave. A bunch of homemade Korean fare served buffet style. Typical fare, but fun and tasty. They also have a decent selection of ready made panchan.

                Chinese and Korean are the two first things I seek out whenever I travel. And Ramen. I'm hungry.