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Jun 2, 2008 10:30 PM

South Bay: BBQ Ribs or Authentic Chinese Dinner

Sorry about the double post, but I accidentally post twice! How do I delete this?

It is my mom's birthday this weekend and I want to take her for a great dinner since it is rare that I get to celebrate her birthday with her (she is in Malaysia most of the time).

Her choices are either bbq ribs or a good chinese dinner. Being from Malaysia, I would prefer to take her to an authentic Chinese place in the South Bay that's not a hole in the wall, if we end up going for Chinese.

We will be at my sister's place in Sunnyvale. She is not much of a foodie, I am in So Cal so I am not sure of food places in the South Bay.

Does anyone have any good recommendation? We are looking for a place within 15-20 miles for Sunnyvale and there will be 8 adults and 2 kids (4 & 8).

Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Here some Chinese (Cantonese) places:

    Hong Kong Saigon Sea Food Harbor Restaurant
    1135 N Lawrence Expy, Sunnyvale, CA

    Dynasty Chinese Seafood Restaurant
    1001 Story Rd, San Jose, CA 95122

    Mayflower Seafood
    428 Barber Ln, Milpitas, CA 95035

    1. My parents like Dynasty but I don't; I like HK Saigon but they don't; Mayflower is hit-and-miss, so order a variety. Fu Lam Mum in Mt. View has good, classic Cantonese food - the closest to my mom's cooking (pea shoots w/ double egg, crispy HK chow mein) - and wonderful roast pork (I think it's suckling pig) at dim sum.

      1. What kind of Chinese food does she want? Most of the "nicer" Chinese places are HK/Cantonese but there are some restaurants featuring food from other regions of China.

        PS: You can't delete a duplicate post, but you can use the "Report" link at the bottom right of your post to request the Chowhound Team remove the duplicate.

        1. There are hundreds of chinese restaurants in the south bay. You would get a much better response if you describe what kind of chinese food you're interested in. Most of the "nice" places are Cantonese as mentioned above. I also like Hunan Chili in Mountain View and Hunan Gourmet in Sunnyvale. Though they're certainly no dives, I'm not sure if they're birthday celebration worthy. If you would like to take your mom to a very high end place, you may want to check out Taipan in Palo Alto.

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          1. re: KathyM

            Taipan is certainly beautiful, but bring lots of money and low expectations.

            (BTW: I'm also looking for good ribs in the Southbay, if anyone knows of some.)

          2. Any Chinese food will do, Szechuan, Hunan, Shanghai, Cantonese, Beijing, Shandong. As long as it is authentic and taste good. Looking for not too much of a hole in the wall though since it is a birthday dinner but not looking to pay more than say, $300 for all of us (if this is a realistic number)? We are not looking into expensive stuffs like "buddha jumps over the wall". But just good, authentic Chinese that is not American at all!

            Thanks for the replies so far!

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            1. re: snow78

              Some non-Cantonese choices such as the following may also work.

              Fatima and Peking Eastern House in Cupertino both serve Islamic-Chinese style dishes with noodles and lambs being the main focus. Darda is also fine going to Milpitas.

              Hong Fu, also in Cupertino is more general with a Sichuan-bias. Order from the extensive Chinese menu.

              Hunan Home's is also decent. Haven't focused on their Hunan items, but the Taiwanese items were pretty decent.

              There area also many Shanghai places but none that really jumps out as the best. Su Hong in Palo Alto makes good XLB.