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Jun 2, 2008 10:20 PM

Dosa Place, Santa Clara - anyone try it?

Anyone try Dosa Place in Santa Clara? There's a quick review in the Silicon Valley Metro here. He also mentions other eats in Santa Clara:

Dosa Place
2665 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95051

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  1. Indian friends at work (work in San Mateo, they live in santa clara) were talking it up, but I haven't been.

    Up in san mateo we're very fond of Tabla Taste in foster city. real teeny, down home place with excellent dosas with a good kick. A few dishes for the meat-itarians, too. I had an excellent goat biryani special last time I was there. Not sure it's a *destination*, but it's well hidden and excellent.

    1. I've been there 3 times for lunch, and it's great! Lots of variety, low prices, casual service, some Indo-Chinese dishes. The paper dosas are wonderful.

      1. I went last weekend. It's very good. I had the Chetinadu dosa, its filling is some kind of vegetables instead of the regular potato-based filling. It was very tasty, and the coconut and peanut chutneys were very nice too. My friends also recommend the vada.

        1. I've been there a few times since my first report. I highly recommend it. Every dosa I had from the menu is tasty. The channa batura is the best I have had. I've been there with visitors from India and they were very happy too. Don't expect anything in terms of service though, it's a very casual place: once all our orders came at the same time, except one that came at the very end of the meal. This place is popular, you might have to wait a few minutes before being seated.

          1. The original comment has been removed