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Jun 2, 2008 10:12 PM

small plates & cozy atmosphere for a fri. solo diner?

Hi hounds,
i'll be on my own in chicago next friday, and i'm looking for a fairly casual, welcoming enoteca type place where i'd feel comfortable by myself. i've loved what i've had at avec in the past, but it's a little loud and crazy for a lone diner.
any suggestions?

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  1. Check out A Mano. It's Italian small plates owned by the Bin 36 folks. It's located right underneath Bin 36 on Dearborn. The bar is perfect for solo dining.

    A Mano
    335 N Dearborn St
    (312) 629-3500

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    1. re: jesteinf

      Also, if you are dining at the bar, A Mano has great happy hour deals on food. I'm a big fan of the $5 pizzas at happy hour.

      1. re: SuzMiCo

        If this posts twice, my apologies. Browser locked up during submission.

        How do you both think A Mano compares to Quartino's? Like the OP, looking for something a bit quieter. Enjoyed Quartino's, but it can be loud. thanks

        1. re: mike_d

          I prefer A Mano. The atmosphere is MUCH calmer, and I think the food is a bit more sophisticated.

    2. thanks for the suggestions! a mano sounds nice, i hope to check it out :)