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Jun 2, 2008 09:38 PM

Dinner before Belly Up (SD)

Attending a concert on a Monday Night at the Belly Up in a couple of weeks and wondered what dining ideas the board has (Wild Note Cafe is closed on Mondays). The reason I'm asking for assistance so far in advance is date of the show is during restaurant week, which may throw a slight monkey wrench into the equation. Help?

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    1. I haven't been yet and it's not in solana, but I've heard nothing but rave reviews from several good sources about Sake House which I think is in Encinitas....

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      1. re: CarsonPorkbelly

        You mean Yumeya

        I think they are closed on some Mondays (not every monday but 1st and third monday or second and fourth monday?)

        1. re: Enorah

          Yumeya is closed every Sunday and Monday now. We were just lamenting this weekend about how Sunday dining is turning out to being pretty grim as far as good choices go in our area.

      2. I normally go to Pizza Port (more for the beer, but the pizza is decent). Alice mentioned some burger place on another where she normally goes.

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          Chief's Burgers and Brew - it's in that first stripmall on the left, right by the train station. We usually don't have that much time, and it's easy and quick.

        2. I've always had good luck at the Pacific Coast Grill. I haven't been in a while and they've changed chefs in the past few months. However, I'd still go back in a heartbeat.