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Jun 2, 2008 08:45 PM

Timers that are easy to use 1-handed?

Do any timers exist that are easy to use 1-handed?

What are your favorite timers?

I just tried a Zyliss model that has a rotating dial , thinking it would be easy to use 1-handed. It is a total pain to use; I'm taking it back.

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  1. My absolute favorite timer is from Polder. out of the box, it's on a lanyard, but has a magnet on the back so you can stick on the fridge. It comes in black or white from Amazon: either the Polder 898-95 or 898-90

    The coolest feature is that there are number keys for setting the for setting 10min, it's 1-0-0-0 instead of 10 clicks of a "minute" button.

    I love this thing so much, i ordered a handful of "backups" for if/when they stop making it.

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      I agree on this one; can't live without it. Saw them wearing it on America's Test Kitchen and wrote them to find out what it was and where to get it. I could not find it at Wms-Sonoma nor Sur La Table. Had to order it from some kitchen supply place -- good to know Amazon carries it -- would make great gifts. I brew fresh tea leaves every day for 4 minutes and this helps me.

    2. We have one of these KitchenAid timers:

      It's very easy to use one-handed, but I still get frustrated having to wait for it to switch from hours to minutes. Works like this: no on button, just spin the dial or press button (only two buttons, stop/reset and start/pause) for auto on. The hours blink, spin dial to set hours, wait until it switches to minutes, spin dial to set minutes, press start. (You can set seconds too, I think, but we never need it that exact.) When the time's up, it keeps beeping until you press a button. (This can be good or bad depending upon different situations. Sometimes it's good but most of the time I find that annoying too.) It turns off automatically after it's been zeroed and you don't set anything new for some period of time (short I think). The problem is generally we don't need to set hours, so you have to wait, not moving anything, until it switches to the minutes blinking to set that. That's the infuriating part. Otherwise it's great. It's weighted and won't move when you try to set it one-handed. Kinda pricey, probably. I dunno. I probably wouldn't have kept it but my girlfriend likes it.

      1. go digital. Easy to use one handed.

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        1. re: scubadoo97

          i'm with scubadoo - definitely digital. i love my bonjour triple timer. it's great for when i'm baking multiple batches of muffins or granola simultaneously, or when i need to keep an eye on the cooking time of several meal components.

          of course, remembering which timer corresponds to which item is an entirely different story ;)

        2. I'm with scubadoo97, go digital. Two brands that I like are Taylor and Sunbeam.

          1. I've never really seen the need for one, I have digital timers on my microwave and oven. I did at one time have one from Salton that you could wear on a rope around your neck so if you needed to go out and garden or something you'd hear it.