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Jun 2, 2008 08:01 PM

What do you do with salmon berries?

I'm guessing I won't get anywhere on the home cooking board since these seem to be limited to the Northwest (maybe even to Washington?) so hopefully this doesn't get deleted. Anyway, we have a bunch of salmon berries growing in our backyard, probably will be ripe within a week or so, and I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions of how to use them. I wasn't crazy about them straight off the bush when I tried them last year, but we have so many it seems like a waste not to try to do something with them. Suggestions? Thanks, Chowhounders! You always come to the rescue.

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  1. I have a lot of salmon berries in my neighborhood and have often wondered what to do with them too. I just consulted The Berry Bible by Janie Hibler (a great reference book btw) and she thinks they are too delicate to cook. Since most people encounter them on a trail, she recommends just enjoying them fresh since they are too fragile to transport.

    Maybe use them to garnish a salad or mix them into some yogurt or what about a cocktail?

    1. I used to make salmon berry pancakes as a kid, as well as (red) huckleberry pancakes. I think that the would be nice in green salad with a light vinegrette and mild lettuce (not rockets or frisee), and with feta in it, too.

      Really, though, I ate them right off the bush. Wild berries you pick yourself always taste the best. (Incidentally, I'm on Vancouver Island, so they're here, too!)

      1. Thanks for the replies so far. I originally posted this on the Pacific Northwest board and it got moved so I'm happy to see some others who know what salmon berries are (I'd never heard of them before moving to Western Washington) and have tried them. Thank you for suggesting The Berry Bible - I'll have to check it out for other berries.

        1. What is a salmon berry? I think of a salmon as a fish that swims...can't picture salmons in trees with berries?

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            I thought the name probably referred to the color, but according to wikipedia it is because the berries were eaten with half-dried salmon roe.


          2. My Mom & Aunt used to send all of us out in the woods to pick salmon berries and huckleberries. We'd be gone for hours. I can't remember a single time that a salmon berry ever made it back home -- I'm sure we ate them as fast as we could pick them. Huckleberries though did occasionally make it back and were baked into an amazing pie or cobbler. Of course, I now realize that this was a ploy to get us out of their hair so they could visit in peace -- we never got in trouble for coming home empty handed!