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Jun 2, 2008 07:30 PM

dinner in georgetown

I'm looking for a good dinner recommendation in Georgetown. Something in the 10-20 dollar range for entrees, not too fancy since we'll be in shorts and tennis shoes. Open to all cuisines. Also is there a notable ice cream or dessert place in the area?

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  1. First, Thomas Sweet, on the east side of Wisconsin, is one of the most notable ice cream spots in the city (although I prefer Max's, up the street in Glover Park, if you have a car).

    Martin's, also on Wisconsin, is an old DC standby. It's got more history than the Smithsonian. The caveat - some of their food is not great. If you stick with steaks, Welsh rarebit, the old-school stuff, you'll be pleased, though. It's just a fun, old pub with a lot to look at (often including a senator or two).

    For even more casual, Pizzeria Paradiso is one of my favorite pizza places in DC. It's on M, a few blocks west of the M/Wisconsin intersection.

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      I second the Pizzeria Paradiso recommendation. You could have luck on any of the M Street places (J Pauls, Old Glory, Paparazzi...)

      Dolcezza for Argentinian Gelato with local produce or Georgetown Cupcake

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        I agree with these options but have also enjoyed Paolo's on Wisconsin Ave.

    2. go to the tackle box next to hook, for ice cream I´m a huge fan of dolcezza on wisconsin and Q? It´s an argentine ice cream store that sells awesome pistachio ice cream

      1. The new Tackle Box seems like the perfect spot for you. Very casual with picnic table seating. But the food is really good. Not pricey either. I hear their blueberry pie is amazing as well, so maybe you can stay there for dessert. Or depending on what time you are in the area you can head over to Baked and Wired and grab some of their delicious cupcakes.

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          Also Bistro Francais runs a great early bird and late bird special, so depending on what time you are dining you can get a 3-course meal with wine for around $25-30.

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            Tackle could be an option but there are a couple of vietnamese restaurants on M St you could go to, as well as the Guards. You could also pull off Clyde's for the that price range. I would highly suggest going someplace else for dessert, like Thomas Sweets or dolcezza.

          2. I would not go to Tackle Box, I've eaten there, the food is not good and expensive. Your price range is a challenge but I would try Pizza Paradiso, always a safe and tasty bet. If you want something near campus, I would try The Tombs. I think the food is very good and the price is decent. I second the gelatto at Dolcezza, I had some on Sunday, it's awesome. Thomas Sweet is pretty average as ice cream goes.

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              There are two chain ice-cream shops on M, Ben & Jerry's and Hagen Daz. Thomas Sweet is a bit farther up on Wisconsin. Does Booeymongers have good ice-cream? As for dining under $20, I would check out Piccolo, Cafe La Ruche, Alamo Grill, Bangkok Bistro, and Fettoosh in addition to the aforementioned restaurants. Ethnic food will give you more bang for the buck.

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                I love Cafe La Ruche, is it on 30th or 31st. They have pretty nice desserts too. I also like Bonaparte's Cafe up on Wisconsin, around the 1500-1600 blocks of Wisconsin. Basically across the street from Thomas Sweets. Bonaparte has lovely crepes and some fancy drinks too.

            2. You could have a feast for that much at Amma Vegetarian - quite a good Indian restaurant on M Street. Bangkok Bistro is a fancier atmosphere but I don't think the food there is very good. You could also consider Pain Quotidien.
              I would definitely go to Dolcezza or Thomas Sweet for dessert - they are surely worth the short walk up Wisconsin. Both are great.