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Jun 2, 2008 07:16 PM

Umi Sake House

Several people have suggested Umi Sake House to me for my upcoming and first trip to Seattle. I got on their website and I am drooling. So, two questions, would any of you who have been there tell me what to order? It takes me forever to decide and I can honestly buy a TV faster than I can order dinner. Also, does anyone know if they do take out?


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  1. Get the salmon sashimi sampler if they have it. Their rolls are definitely non-traditional but I've liked everything I've had there. The rolls are on the large side so order conservatively. You will get full.

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    1. re: amyh18

      So true...last night ordered one special roll and few other things and I wished we had been more selective. Good stuff though, especially the geoduck sashimi and the copper river sushi. I'm usually more of a traditionalist, but I can't say the "sunrise roll" or whatever it was (spicy hamachi roll topped with hamachi, tobiko and extra spicy mayo) wasn't great. The "6 piece" portions of sashimi are also generous--sometimes closer to 12 pieces. Only thing I didn't like was the unagi roll-the glaze on the eel was overly sweet.

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        Wow...I was there last night, too. I've been for dinner, and found the quality better then compared to last night's happy hour, when they're churning out more. Happy hour offers good portions at good prices, but if food is the focus, I might try ordering outside of happy hour instead. Feeling kind of conflicted about the place right now. If you don't mind shouting over music and you like non-traditional crazy rolls, give it a go.

    2. I love their oyster shooters with 7 spice sorbet. The spices just explode in your mouth and make your head tingle.

      1. Another big thumbs-up for Umi. Great atmosphere and very fresh fish. I send the copper river salmon...tasty. They also live up to their name very well with a great sake list. There are tons of bottles in varying sizes and many are very reasonably priced.

        1. i like the belltown barbie roll, the $30 roll with toro and for something different and more fruity, the tropical paradise is also good.