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Jun 2, 2008 07:12 PM

P-town Reviews/What else???

We've been vacationing in P-town since Saturday. So far, we've tried the following:

Clem & Ursies: We'd heard about this place from lots of places. We ate there as soon as we got into town. GREAT fried clams... maybe the best I've ever had. We went there for the lobster roll. My partner had the hot roll sauteed in butter and garlic. I had the lobster salad roll. Hers was much better. I found the lobster salad, despite having HUGE chunks of very fresh lobster, didn't have much flavor. We also tried the clam chowder--good, but nothing to write home about.

Cafe Heaven: Ate here for brunch on Monday. Again, heard lots of reviews. I had the nicoise salad which was served as an arranged salad and was delicious. My partner had a California caprese--all the usual ingredients plus avocado. They were both fresh, well-prepared, and yummy.

Surf Restaurant: Stopped in here for a quick bite before our whale excursion. We had the fried clams (not nearly as good as C&U) and an avocado/lobster wrap. Nothing special either way.

Lobster Pot: Heard tons of mixed reviews about this place. The decor/atmosphere is very fun and what I'd expect from a NE lobster place. We both had the lobster and clambake. My partner had the stuffed lobster. It was very bread-y but had lots of seafood: whole scallops, shrimp. She covered it in hot sauce and loved it. The steamers were mussels and were delicious--cooked in a tomato sauce and sweet. My lobster was very tough. I think it was over-cooked and I probably should have sent it back. The pumpkin bread, as others have mentioned, is delicious. The clam chowder is good, but not extraordinary. If I went back, I'd try one of the one-pot-wonders they have. I'm not sure I'll go back, though.

So... what now? We have the rest of the week left and don't want to miss any great places. What about Mews? Red Inn? Patio? Is the Red Inn as good as everyone says?

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  1. I have recently dined at The Mews, Fanazini's, Ross's Grill and Spiritus Pizza. All I recommend highly.

    1. Don't forget to try Napi's... it's an older P-Town restaurant with a long track record. Many people like it, some diss it.... we've never had a bad meal there in over 20+ years. Check out Napi's fabulous art collection while you are there.
      Fanizzi's in the East End is a gem. Where else can you get terrific food, service and a view of the bay? They even have a parking lot! Ross's Grill is another to try (only beer and wine, no martini's).
      Front Street on Commercial is another one to try too.. it's downstairs and gets overlooked sometimes.
      Am curious about the Red Inn, haven't been there in years. I have hear that it has morphed into a much better, contemporary restaurant. Any recent reviews?

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        I would also like to hear what people have to say about The Red Inn. I want to get my friends who will be married in P-town a gift certificate for dinner and want to find the best food and ambience in town (or Truro or Wellfleet). I'm considering The Red Inn, Edwige at Night and Front Street. I'm open to all suggestions. Thanks

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          heard red inn is improved. Don't miss edwige for bkfst or dinner and definitely do Devon's for bkfst.

      2. Just went to Ptown this past weekend. Here were our experiences:

        Friday - Napi's for dinner. It was pretty bad. Martini was weak. My husband got the portuguese seafood platter and said the lobster was incredibly dry, as if it had been cooking all day. He liked the sauce though. My vegetarian burrito was also completely dry. Overall, disappointing for the prices.
        We also went to Enzo for drinks. We wanted a place to watch the Celtics and we were the only people in the bar. They put the game on for us and the bartender/waitstaff were very friendly. I would definitely like to go back there at some point.

        Saturday night we had dinner at the Mews. It's the second time we've been, and again it didn't disappoint! I cannot say enough about this restaurant. The drinks are out of this world. I had the arugula salad and the roasted half duck, both of which were delicious. The sauce with the duck was interesting, sweet & spicy at the same time. I can't remember which appetizer my husband had, but I know he had the filet mignon and was thrilled at how well it was prepared (he asked for it rare). Overall this is by far the best restaurant in Ptown that we've been to.

        Also don't forget the Portuguese bakery across from the Mayflower. Delicious baked goods and sandwiches! We had lunch there twice. Enjoy the rest of your time in Ptown!

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          I forgot to mention Enzo.. we have been there for dinner. It is a fun place and the food was very good. The dining room is decorated in an funky, off-beat way and the staff was pleasant. The prices were reasonable, much lower than other places in P-Town.

          Sorry that you had a bad experience at Napi's. We always go in the off season, avoiding the peak periods. I don't know, maybe that has something to do with us not being disappointed.

          Pingle, the bartender at the Mews makes one of the best vodka martini's I've ever had. We drink there and then toddle off to our next destination. Maybe next time we'll stick around and have dinner too.

        2. The Mews is usually pretty good, but don't miss Front Street. I'm not a fan of the dark, bistro type space it occupies, there is no view, but the service is usually fine and the food options are excellent. Tea-smoked duck is exceptional, plenty of Italian and seafood options, probably the most consistently good food in town.

          Napi's is a tourist experience, their kitchen tries to do too many things, so consistency suffers, in the service area as well. It can be very enjoyable in a loud and goofy way, or it can be overpriced disappointment. When they make a good batch of bouillabaisse, it is memorable in quantity and freshness, or it can be ordinary with overcooked shellfish.

          Provincetown Portuguese Bakery is a must, many tasty baked and fried dough goodies, especially rabenadas and malassadas.

          Haven't been to the Red Inn.

          1. Thanks--these suggestions are great!

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              We had two lovely meals on our recent visit to P-town. Check out my comments: