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Jun 2, 2008 07:04 PM

Date - Chelsea Piers Vicinity: Drinks+Snack

Hey all, back with another date dilemma. Next week I'm taking a girl to the driving range at Chelsea Piers (we're both casual golfers) for a 1st date. It'll be at night during the week, and dinner is not involved. Afterwards, we may want to go somewhere and grab and drink and perhaps a light snack. Suggestions?

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  1. El Quinto Pino or Tia Pol... although given the recent chef's change, it might be a slightly risky proposition...

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    1. re: Lucia

      There's always Chelsea Brewing Company right at CPs. I have not been in a while so I can't vouch for it other than its proximity.

      1. re: fsd1116

        Chelsea Brewing Company is usually pretty dead, their beer isn't so good and the food is mostly fried. I don't mind grabbing a drink there if I'm with the guys, but was hoping to do a little better for a 1st date.

    2. It is a bit of a walk, but many times we have hit a few balls then went over to the bar at Buddakan. There are cozy little tables and great drinks.
      Enjoy your date!!!

        1. re: raji212

          cookshop if yr looking for something a bit more cosmopolitan.

          great place for drinks and a night out.

          1. re: sam1

            Cookshop is a nice place right? I should note that depending on how hot it is that night, we might be a little sweaty and not exactly dressed up.

            1. re: fishermb

              I think you would be fine. Despite the prices and the wall of glass windows, I think Cookshop tries to pretend it is a casual, neighborhood place.

        2. If you want a more causal pub-like atmosphere, you could try Half King, on 23rd just west of 10th Ave. Decent pub food, very low-key atmosphere. If you order food you can sit in the very nice garden.

          1. Izakaya Ten, on 10th ave next to Tia Pol btw 22nd and 23rd is a nice, low-key place. It's relatively casual and there are great Japanese snacks (from edamame up). The last time I went they had sake flights (of 3) which were great and reasonably priced.