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Jun 2, 2008 07:00 PM

Where can I find white rye flour in toronto?

I was hoping to try and make marble rye at home and have been looking for white rye flour. Dark rye seems to be easy enough to find, but can't seem to get white rye flour. Anyone know where I can find some?


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  1. Where have you tried searching? I think that a health food/alternative medicine store would be your best bet. I would be surprised to see it at a grocery store.

    1. I can't say for sure, but Whole Foods has a pretty extensive range of flour options.

      1. Bulk Barn is also another good source for a variety of flours. You could call one near you to check.

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        1. re: TorontoJo

          I checked bulk barn at Scar Town, they only had dark rye. Went to Ambrosia as well, only had dark rye. Same with most grocery stores....

          My be I will try somewhere downtown this weekend.

        2. Arva Flour Mills has it.
          I have heard that some of their products are available at Atelier Thuet.

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          1. re: jayt90

            I just noticed Arva Flour Mills has a defunct website, perhaps dropped by their
            ISP. I hope they are not closed, as I expect to drive through London in a few days, hoping they'll still be around.

          2. Have you tried downstairs in the St Lawrence Market (can't remember the name of the store). They sell tons of diffferent kind of flour, grains, etc.