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Dec 14, 2002 06:18 PM

Soba noodles...

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Can anyone recommend an Asian market that sells real soba noodles? Whole Foods has "Eden" brand but they also contain wheat. I am looking for 100% buckwheat noodles.


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  1. Marukai on the corner of Artesia and Western in Gardena. They have about two dozen different kinds/brands. Unsure what was available to me in Napa, before I moved I stocked up on a supply that includes my favorite: Ajisenryu's Zaru Soba that is made with yams as well as buckwheat.

    BTW, this particular brand has wheat in them as well but I'd like to think there is a 100% buckwheat available (although I'm unsure ~ perhaps the wheat is needed as a "binder"?)

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      Thanks for the info on where to buy. Actually, there are 100% buckwheat soba noodles available, but I haven't seen them since I lived in Mendocino. I love them because they don't make me feel overly full the way regular pasta does, plus they're delicious.

    2. Wheat is not required as a binder, but it makes it easier and cheaper to make soba. Whether or not you can taste the difference in a dried product I can't say, but I have had fresh 80% buckwheat soba that was better than 100% many times due to the fact that the quality of the soba flour was better. Marukai has a lot of dried soba, so your best bet is to buy one of each until you find the one that has the most flavor. The cheapest ones are usually, but not always the worst.

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        Soba noodles that are 80% buckwheat are called "hachiwari soba" while those with 100% buckwheat are called "juwari soba" and are much more rare. In any case, the best judge of quality is taste -- so pick the type you like best.

      2. as far as 100% , i never had a problem finding them at Mitsuwa market. There's one on centinela, one in south bay. The 100 % will have 1 0 0 written vertically amid the japanese writing on the cover of the bag.
        they have yam misxed soba, and tea mixed soba as well.

        1. I buy Hakubaku organic soba noodles from Gelsons-I tried to find out online if they contain wheat, but couldn't find anything.