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Jun 2, 2008 06:42 PM

I have a bottle of 96 Dolce.......

Have I waited too long to drink it?

It has been kept in a fairly stable enviroment. I don't really know why I have been keeping it so long, other than I don't really drink alot of sweet wines. I know it was expensive. Is it worth more money now???

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  1. I've drunk a few '97s that had lost some of their brightness.Yes, it's a tad too old,
    but sure, crack it open and see what it's like. Some of the fruit may have faded. No, it's not worth any additional money. Unfortunately, Dolce doesn't age with the same integrity as Sauternes.

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    1. re: maria lorraine

      Thanks for the info. Maybe I'll open it this weekend :)

      1. re: PartyGirl43

        Most definitely do - and enjoy. I have been, more often than not, pleasently surprised at how well some dessert wines have held up. As ML states, it might not be up to what it was in in its youth, but should still be nice. Maybe you'll be lucky, and some of the big fruit will now be honey and honeysuckle.


    2. This wine currently sells for between $80-100, so it certainly has appreciated in value. But that's not really the point--you're not going to sell one bottle of wine, are you? If you pulled it last weekend, I hope you enjoyed it. If you haven't opened it yet, this weekend sounds like a good excuse. Remember, with good wine the special occasion is when you pull the cork.

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        "This wine currently sells for between $80-100, so it certainly has appreciated in value."

        Sorry, no. The '96s have at least partly. if not fully, oxidized, so the wine is worth only the pleasure one might derive from drinking it.