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Pizza for the lactose intolerant?

Anyone know where a lactose intolerant person can get some pizza? Help!

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  1. Slice
    Location: 1413 Second Ave., New York NY 10021 (b/n 73rd and 74th streets)
    Phone: 212-249-4353


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      Slice is awful! Second Pala or Mozzarelli's.

    2. Hi shoomai,

      You may also try pizza with goat cheese as a lot of lactose intolerant people can handle goat cheese well (as long as they enjoy the tangier taste)

      And a lot of pizza places offer pizza with goat cheese

      1. Go to Luzzo's. As I found out, there's hardly any cheese on it. It's like they sliced up one of those little buffalo mozz. balls. that's all.

        1. Go to Pepe's in New Haven or Stamford. Get the white clam pie without cheese (though you may want to ask white the "white" is. I suspect dairy.) As a last resort, you may want to try the otc pill Lcataid

          1. viva natural in the east village has vegan pies. and i heard rosario's in the les has a vegan slice.

            1. Three more for the list:
              Mozerrelli's, 23rd between Mad and Park
              Pala on Allen just south of Houston
              Freddy and Pepper, Amsterdam at 74th

              1. The marinara at Una Pizza Napoletana, though it's not for anyone who's lactose intolerant and poor: $$$.

                1. Vezzo on Lexington Avenue @ 31st Street

                  1. I'm fond of the "Raw and Vegan Flaxseed-Herb Crust Pizza" from FreeFoodsNYC. Comes with macadamia "ricotta", spinach, tomato, and basil. It's nothing like a traditional slice of pizza (served cold, small wedges, sold by the pound), but worth at least one try.

                    I've been getting it from the new 150 E 52nd St location...not sure if they also carry it at the 18 W 45th St location. The pizza is $14/pound...pricey, but made from quality ingredients.

                    Pizza photo -> http://flickr.com/photos/kathyylchan/...

                    1. Why don't you just order a pie without cheese? Like tomato sauce and anchovies? That's what my sister does, and it can be delicious if the ingredients are good.

                      1. Can't say for certain, but I would guess that Sullivan St would be good for someone who's lactose intolerant as they don't put cheese on top, just border-to-border toppings of mushroom, potato, etc. And it's super yummy to go along....
                        47th st b/w 10th and 11th

                        1. Exterrme Pizza has a very good soy cheese. I always get the "Yard Sale". Pretty yummy. Crust could be better though...

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                            Do they have Extreme Pizza stores in Manhattan?